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7 Brands Running Modern Streetwear

It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I found myself diving into the world of fashion, and what drew me to streetwear was its deeply invested roots within hip-hop culture. Growing up the rise of artists like Kanye West (Adidas) and Pusha T (Playcloths)

BEAT THIS: Novation Circuit + CHAMPION + KILLJOY Ft D DOUBLE E (timandbarrytv)

CHAMPION and KILLJOY are two of my favorite’s in the bassline game. This grime beat gets lit up with D DOUBLE E at the end. Mind you this beat was made a in 10 minutes with a Novation’s new Circuit groove box… WATCH THE VIDEO!

PARTYTIME Friday #22- Audio Monsters

A production duo from South Florida known only as Audio Monsters are creating some of the most upbeat and diverse mixes in the genre right now. They’re currently finishing up some completely original productions. For now, check out their latest mixes here and set your