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WHEELS Wednesday #17: Skate Videos with GoPro

A throwback to 2013 with a test run of the GoPro HERO3. Mounting the camera on different parts of the board means there’s no angle you can’t get. Check out Logan Taylor‘s interesting POV brought to us by TransWorld Skateboarding. Here’s another GoPro skate video

Behind The Lens With Victoria Jones

At some point over the last year I became enamored by a few different photographers. More often than not I would stumble upon these artists on Instagram or some other social media. Victoria was one of those few who truly had an eye for getting

TEALCHEESE Exclusive- An Interview With Micheal-Rex Carbonell

 Michael-Rex Carbonell has become quite the household name for any Blue Swan fan. At this point, it’s safe to say the man has dedicated his life to capturing extraordinary photos and videos of some of our favorite bands. Michael-Rex spent the majority of 2015 on

DIY Saturday #22 – MAThorpe Productions

MAThorpe Productions is Florida local Adam Thorpe’s one-man DIY production company. Everything from photo shoots, video shoots, and even studio time for all you aspiring musicians. Anything in the realm of production, this is the man to go to! Check out some of his work

“Living On One Dollar”- Documentary

This is a documentary that I found on Netflix so I didn’t really go into it with any expectations- I had never heard of it before. The premise is basically this: four college students got together in 2010 and decided to take on the challenge of

Carolina Londono (Concert Photographer) Interview

Carolina is a friend I met a few years back at a show in Fort Lauderdale. She is going to college while working as a photographer and was willing to share some stories and her amazing photos (gallery above) with us. NT: Where did you

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #17 – Filippelli Photos

Still looking?!  Thought so! Here at TEALCHEESE we wanted to put the spotlight on a great photographer that was behind these amazing pictures! “Hello!  My name is Jesse Filippelli and I am a born and raised Florida boy.  After 23 years, I decided to move


Looking to go out and Film? Tired of dragging a friend to help you set up a shot? Forget the excuses! Solo Shot has released the “Solo Shot 2”.  It comes fully equipped with 5 hours of battery, 36o rotation, photo burst, timelapse, and you can film

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #13 – GoPRO Hero 4

Tired of being an amateur? THEN GO PRO! The specs on these cameras have been leaking out for months, and now the HERO 4  is OUT! The new HERO 4 Black offers a unique and vivid 4K resolution. 4,000 pixels across the long edge, about