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WHEELS WEDNESDAY #18- Clean Your Bearings in 5 Easy Steps

Tired of getting stuck in rush hour traffic, paying car insurance, and dealing with costly repairs? Electric skateboards are quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to get around. Brands like Boosted have been thriving with more and more people leaving their cars in

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #26 – Electric turbochargers

It’s true – electric turbochargers are coming according to CNET on Cars in this informative video! The video begins with a refresher on how regular turbochargers work, and the three limitations of the current technology. Firstly since regular turbochargers are run by exhaust, there is

WHEELS Wednesday #7 – 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo AKA “MechaGodzilla”

Nissan GT-R Nismo If the standard GT-R isn’t insane enough, the GT-R Nismo should satisfy that void. Packing 600 horsepower — about 55 more than the standard GT-R — the Nismo edition set the record at Germany’s Nurburgring for volume-built cars, with a lap time