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THREADS Thursday #26 -The Weeknd Has A Puma Partnership

It looks like The Weeknd is taking a big step into the world of fashion. Abel announced on his social media accounts that he’s developed a partnership with Puma, including a shoe and clothing line that is to be released some time in 2017. Over

6 Song Structures in Popular Music (including seminar with Ralph Murphy)

6 types of song structure I was surfing YouTube the other day and ran across a seminar by Ralph Murphy, a legendary songwriter. One of the most useful takeaways I got was his list of 6 most popular song forms (or song structures) when songwriting.

Drake – VIEWS First Impressions

Aubrey Drake Graham has done it once again. I begin this post even before the official release of the project, as I stream it over Apple Music, awaiting my opportunity to purchase and download it for myself. Even now, 3 tracks in, beginning the 4th,

MUST SEE! Monday #31 – Star Wars Wars: All 6 Films At Once

You can prepare for Friday’s premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens by watching all 6 of the Star Wars films at the same time in HD with this handy video created by Michael McNulty. via reddit