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Customize the metronome in FL Studio

You getting tired of the same click sounds for your FL Studio metronome? If you do, make sure: 1.¬†back up the originals since you are likely to suck at making good metronome sounds ūüėČ 2. This folder will be hidden, right click and enable the

An Interview with Andrew Wells of Eidola: Teal Cheese Exclusive

Recently during Chain Fest, I had the chance to sit down with my friend Andrew Wells, vocalist in Eidola, and on that particular day, guitarist for Dance Gavin Dance. Eidola is signed to Blue Swan Records and currently has two full-length releases under their belt. Their

Interview with Bleubird (Florida Hip Hop)

¬† N: When I first met you it was at a¬†Yoni Wolf show. How did you link up with him? B: “I’ve been friends with Yoni for years and years. We met in the early 2000’s back in the Anticon days. I was a fan