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BECK’s best PR ever! #KANYE

According to Kanye West, he wasn’t joking when he nearly crashed the stage ahead of Beck’s album of the year speech. For a moment, it looked like West would repeat his infamous Taylor Swift interruption at the 2009 VMAs, but he aborted with a smile.

KICKSTART Sunday #16- Nick’s February Playlist

February’s installment of my monthly Teal Cheese playlists. Among the randomness you’ll find Bjork‘s new album, Touche Amore‘s “Is Survived By“, & my good friends Kidd Kwest, Bugzy Lavoe, Mouf., & Andre DeSaint. Florida hip-hop is alive and well. Happy February from Teal Cheese. Enjoy!

Enter Shikari Album Review

(written by Brandon Webb) As a first time listener of this band, I feel like they combine electronic music and post-hardcore in way that I’ve never heard before. The English vocals of Roughton “Rou” Renyolds also bring everything together nicely. The way he sings each

Fall Out Boy “American Beauty/American Psycho”- Album Review

This review was written by a long time friend and now first official Teal Cheese intern, Brandon Webb. There will be a lot more to come from him and he settles into the Teal Cheese family. “Sell Out Boy” I remember listening to Fall Out

Blue Swan Records Playlist

Blue Swan Records is a label that was started by Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance. To me, this is the single record label putting out the most consistently amazing and progressive rock music anywhere in the scene. Above is a playlist I put together

KICKSTART Sunday #15 -Nick’s January Playlist!

Track Listing: 1. Sianvar– “Your Tongue Ties” 2. Sianvar– “Sick Machine” 3. Sianvar– “Chest Pressure” 4. Eidola– “To Know What’s Real” 5. Eidola– “Going Nowhere” 6. A Lot Like Birds– “Vanity’s Fair” 7. Hail The Sun– “Dead Messages” 8. Hail The Sun– “Will They Blame

Circa Survive Open Up in New Article!

I just came across this article on The Huffington Post‘s website. Circa has always been one of the most consistent and impressive bands all across the board. This particular interview delves into a LOT of subjects that Anthony Green and Co. haven’t previously discussed. From addiction, divorce,


Some of my favorite tracks of this year and some things that go with them (at least in my mind). A little bit of everything, as usual. LISTEN, ENJOY, SHARE! Love you all, thank you for an amazing first six months of Teal Cheese. Lots

Nick’s Top 20 Under Rated Albums Part 3!

In case you missed them, here’s PART 1 and PART 2! (11) A- “Hi-Fi Serious”: This British alt-rock band have been around since ’93. They broke out overseas but never got CLOSE to the recognition they deserve in the U.S. When this album dropped in 2002, A unleashed