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THREADS Thursday #8 – Fashion Dos and Don’ts With A$AP Rocky Hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky is definitely into fashion. And he wants to share some of the basics with you.

THREADS Thursday #7 – Million Dolla Motive

GUYS, check out Million Dolla Motive. It’s a clothing company that started in 2008. Based out of San Diego, they definitely have some of the most consistently creative and appealing designs I’ve seen in a while. Fresh new looks all the time and diverse styles,

THREADS Thursday #6 – Yo dudes: NO!!! white socks

WHY!?!? do you still wear white socks..they look gross. go to the store and grab some tall and no show BLACK socks. Wear no shows with shorts and low tops. Tall sock with slacks and hightops. shoes like Converse All-star, Vans, and other casual shoes…you


THE 7 TIMES IT’S OKAY TO WEAR SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT There seems to be some misunderstanding when it comes to wearing sunglasses at night. In short, you can’t. Like pony tails and scarves indoors, they’ll make you look foolish. They’ll also make your friends talk shit about you while you’re

THREADS Thursday #4 – Claw and Co.

Claw and Co. Formerly known as Claw Money, Claw and Co. continues to create new styles and incorporate vivid imagery into their pieces. This line was started by a little known street graffiti artist, Claudia Gold. The company kept expanding and now includes men’s and

THREADS Thursday #3 – Frank & Oak

DUDES, If you hate going to the mall or just want some fresh clothes. Check out Frank & Oak. Frank & Oak is a Montreal-based creative workshop that designs, manufactures, and curates a monthly collection of fine clothing and accessories.   Here —> $25 coupon $25 coupon <—HERE About