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WHEELS WEDNESDAY #18- Clean Your Bearings in 5 Easy Steps

Tired of getting stuck in rush hour traffic, paying car insurance, and dealing with costly repairs? Electric skateboards are quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to get around. Brands like Boosted have been thriving with more and more people leaving their cars in

WHEELS Wednesday #17: Skate Videos with GoPro

A throwback to 2013 with a test run of the GoPro HERO3. Mounting the camera on different parts of the board means there’s no angle you can’t get. Check out Logan Taylor‘s interesting POV brought to us by TransWorld Skateboarding. Here’s another GoPro skate video

WHEELS Wednesday #16- 10 Useful Car Hacks

Almost everyone has a car. We use them every day to get to school, work, and to handle all of the adult errands we don’t really want to bother with. Here’s some simple things you can do to improve your car owning experience. 1. Use

WHEELS Wednesday #15 – Honda Project 2&4 (MotoGP powered hypercar)

Clearly Honda’s immediate priority should be to halt production of everything, and focus instead on building Jenson and Fernando a decent F1 engine. However, we’ll forgive them a quick lapse in this strategy, because this new ‘2&4’ concept is, frankly, quite excellent. It’s been revealed today,

WHEELS Wednesday #14 – MEIJS Motorman (electric motorbike)

Mopeds are convenient and easy, but they’re generally not cool… unless they’re the new Motorman from Dutch designer Ronald Meijs. Using vintage American classics as design references, Meijs crafted a light electric “motorbike” (there are no pedals) that is as easy to use as it

WHEELS Wednesday #13- The New Rodney Mullen?

I saw a video of Isamu Yamamoto skating a few months back and I couldn’t believe my eyes. This kid has only been skating for 3 years and already he’s pulling off tricks I’ve only seen a handful of pros do. Oh, and he’s only 11

WHEELS Wednesday #12 – Scion FR-S Turbo Concept vs 2014 vs 2015

On the way are HYBRID and TURBO variations of this Toyota/Subaru engine. 2.0 liter turbo injection and over 300 horse power! The turbo version will be released a few months prior to the release of the hybrid. Scion FR-S Road test: For more info  on

WHEELS Wednesday #11 – Lazareth BMW R1200R

R1200R Scrambler – limited to 10 numbered copies Halfway between a Scrambler and a Café Racer, BMW R1200R this customized by Lazareth is a subtle mix between a motorcycle neo-retro, with its overall look and wire wheels, and a modern motorcycle with its engine and

WHEELS Wednesday # 10 – Nikola Tesla’s Pierce-Arrow Electric Car Battery

What was the mysterious power source within Nikola Tesla’s electric car experiments spanning from 1897 to 1931? Was it a primary variation of a metal hydride chemistry similar to Nickel Metal Hydride in which the hydride gel is replaced with a swelling smectite, or bentonite,