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THREADS Thursday #21 – New Balance Shoes

These aren’t your grandfathers New Balances anymore.  Colorful and bold are the new normal for New Balance 574.  Versatile and durable.  Pair these shoes with skinny jeans or some basketball shorts, either way you’ll be feeling great and looking the part.  Grab a pair here .

THREADS Thursday #20 – Ziggy Nicks Trading Co

Tybee Island, Georgia is about 20 minutes away from Savannah. Here you will find your basic run of the mill beach stores€ selling massed produced T-shirts, sunglasses, and puka-bead necklaces. Just about everything you’ll need for your vacation at the beach. However, nestled in a

THREADS Thursday #19- Official Crown of Laurel Clothing

Official Crown of Laurel, (otherwise known as Official) was founded in 2007 with the concept of creating premium headwear with skate, street and DIY fashion influences. Team members include skaters like Jamie Thomas and Miles Silvas. Official has collaborated with with DC Shoes Europe, Ben

THREADS Thursday #17 – 98 years later the Converse All-Star is re-designed (Chuck II)

Well, today Converse unveiled the newly remade Chuck II and it’s a beauty. Behold, the Converse Chuck II © Converse Wisely, Converse left the sneaker’s silhouette in place, instead focusing on improving the shoe’s comfort and feel. That means inserting a cushy Nike Lunarlon (yes, the

THREADS Thursday #16 – Wear Fake ID

What’s black and white and looks really cool? If you guessed WearFAKEID then your were right. Wear Fake ID is a fresh new clothing line pushing it’s way quickly onto the market.  Founded by Ross Gassman and Max Pallot, Wear FakeID offers original fitted long- bottom Tees.

THREADS Thursday #15 – Blake Anderson’s ‘Teenage’ Clothing Line

I caught a glimpse earlier this year of some drawings that Blake Anderson (Workaholics) posted on Instagram. Maybe a month later I stumbled onto BOREDTEENAGER.COM This Cali based clothing line was started and is currently run by Blake and his wife, Rachael Finley. Lots of

THREADS Thursday #14- Arm The Animals

ATA is a charitable clothing line. They have a LOT of great prints and designs for girls and guys alike. This company donates to various small animal shelters in need. Considering the current animal euthanasia statistics: EVERY YEAR 4,000,000 – 5,000,000 animals are euthanized because people simply

THREADS Thursday #13- Elephant Ink

Elephant Ink is a Fort Myers based company that takes a little different approach to business. Just doing what they do for fun, they are NOT an incorporated entity. That obviously allows for total freedom creatively and conceptually. They do a LOT of collab work

THREADS Thursday #12- Lurk Hard

LURK HARD is one of the most popular Sacramento street skate brands. Over the past few years, this Cali clothing company has gotten a lot of support from Blake Anderson (Workaholics). Fresh new styles and prints and MORE THAN reasonable prices! Check out their online