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TECHNOLOGY Tuesday # 5 – NO withdraw symptoms drug addiction treatment ( Ibogaine )

So I’m sitting here listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast and he made mention of a plant called Iboga in reference to helping treat drug addiction. So I look further into this and find countless testimonies from people who have received Ibogaine treatment in other countries

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #4 – Silk Leaf Project

In order for humans to live, they must have a steady supply of oxygen they can depend on. Plants make our life bearable. They inhale the carbon dioxide we breathe out and exhale oxygen. But in space there are no plants and growing them on

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #3 – 3D printed houses

A Chinese company is using 3D-printed blocks to build cheap and quickly assembled houses. The blocks are made from a mixture of sand, concrete and glass fiber, materials processed from common construction waste, which is pumped layer after layer through the top of a 6.6-meter-tall,


That’s it! BEEPLECRAP.COM beeple is mike winkelmann. “he makes a variety of art crap across a variety of media. some of it is ok, but a lot of it kind of blows ass. he’s working on making it suck less everyday though so bear with

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #1 – The Machine from HP

HP has a new invention they are calling: The Machine. Which is really a fitting title because no name could do this justice. It is a combination of a server, workstation, computer, phone and well pretty much everything. The Machine is capable of calculating 640