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KICK START Sunday #22 – 5 Foods Loaded with Vitamin B12 (+ Recipes)

The vitamin B12 is essential in many of the functions of your body. Creating red blood cells, strengthening your immune system, brain and nervous system function, even producing DNA. Our bodies are not capable of producing this necessary vitamin so we must find it in

KICK START Sunday #21- 5 Protein Filled Breakfasts For People Who Hate Eggs

We all know breakfast is the “most important meal of the day”. It goes without saying that getting a large amount of protein at the first meal will help energize your day. Eggs are a breakfast staple as well as a well known source of

KICK START Sunday #20- Top 10 Luke Holland Drum Covers

Luke Holland started playing drums ten years ago at age 11. After only a decade of playing he’s able to do drum covers of songs from literally every genre-flawlessly. He’s currently playing in the band The Word Alive. Watch my ten favorite covers he’s done

KICK START Sunday #19- 5 Essential Body Weight Exercises

Many people don’t realize they don’t need to go to a gym and lift weights to get in shape. It’s a common misconception that tools and machines are necessary to achieve one’s desired result. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have the

KICK START Sunday #18- Healthy Eating Diagrams

Trying to eat healthier? Trying to diet correctly? These 24 diagrams will benefit anyone who wants to improve the way they eat and live. It contains everything from simple meal ideas, serving sizes, TONS of recipes, protein alternatives & so much more! Check out the

KICK START Sunday #17- Nick’s March Playlist

More of what I’ve been listening to since the last playlist installment. This month marked yet another birthday, another Bayside show (I believe thats 6, now), and creative leaps in the world of Teal Cheese. Ill give you a hint: soon, I’ll be using a

KICKSTART Sunday #16- Nick’s February Playlist

February’s installment of my monthly Teal Cheese playlists. Among the randomness you’ll find Bjork‘s new album, Touche Amore‘s “Is Survived By“, & my good friends Kidd Kwest, Bugzy Lavoe, Mouf., & Andre DeSaint. Florida hip-hop is alive and well. Happy February from Teal Cheese. Enjoy!

KICKSTART Sunday #15 -Nick’s January Playlist!

Track Listing: 1. Sianvar– “Your Tongue Ties” 2. Sianvar– “Sick Machine” 3. Sianvar– “Chest Pressure” 4. Eidola– “To Know What’s Real” 5. Eidola– “Going Nowhere” 6. A Lot Like Birds– “Vanity’s Fair” 7. Hail The Sun– “Dead Messages” 8. Hail The Sun– “Will They Blame

KICK START Sunday #14: FREE E.P. from Mouf.

Mouf is a hip hop artist I was introduced to by my very good friend Kidd Kwest. He had told me about PayUp! Game and to watch out for them on the scene. He was absolutely right. Mouf’s “Eyes” E.P. is the only music I’ve