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The door is open and people can get involved today with what they want to do!  Through the Converse Cons Project people can get involved and learn more about the DIY lessons how to film a cool skate video. Evan Bowman goes through a few film

DIY Saturday #15 – $25 Dual Shoulder Camera Mount

FILM RIOT is a phenomenal YOUTUBE Channel that features all sorts of DIY tips, tricks and explanations of cameras, production and editing! Following the independent film structure of  “doing it yourself Film-making”, Ryan Connolly and his team make sure to use their creativity to bring the

DIY Saturday #14 – “Hey Guys” I’m Ryan Enzed

Have you ever wanted to make a complextro bass-line that would supply the biggest dance floors around the world?  Ever been looking around YouTube to step up your production on your latest track?  Chances are you might have run into this M8 on the YouTube.

DIY Saturday #13 – JUST DO IT…YOURSELF! 100 links to DYI TUTORIALS!

LEARN NEW THINGS TODAY!  DO IT YOURSELF! Expert Village: One of the biggest how-to sites on the Web, this site is home to hundreds of thousands of videos on an infinitely broad spectrum of topics. With categories like business, finance, home repair, and computers and tech, this site has

DIY Saturday #12 – Optimizing Windows for Djing

Go to: Copy and paste the script text into a Notepad file. Save the file as whateveryoulike.bat (Note: there is no .BAT option in the the ‘Save as Type’ in the Notepad ‘Save As ‘ dialog.  By adding .bat to the end of the file name you

DIY Saturday #11 – electric guitar FAIL!

DIY Saturday #10 – Making Glass Arrowheads If you want to learn flintknapping but don’t have the right type of stone, don’t despair. Billy Berger teaches you how to make deadly and beautiful arrowheads from the flat bottoms of glass beer bottles. Glass is plentiful, free, and it flakes much easier

DIY Saturday #9 – PVC Slingbow for $5 zombie defense , fishing , compact, deadly

DIY SATURDAY #9 – How To Make A 45 Pound PVC Slingbow for $5 Quick and Easy Here are the steps to make yourself a simple bow out of pvc. You do not need any heat or reshaping of the pvc to do this, just

DIY Saturday #8 – How to build a 70MPH MOBILITY SCOOTER

  THE WORLDS FASTEST MOBILITY SCOOTER Speed Record Set Thrashing it in the Snow 71.59MPH Set a new world record but you all ask HOW The stats for the scooter have been reported well, its got a 125cc motocross bike 2stroke engine from a 1997