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DIY Saturday #24 – Lego iPhone Case (Drop Test)

Remember building castles and spaceships out of Legos? Remember stepping on a block and thinking that you’d forever lose the ability to walk without a limp? Aside from developing creative thinking/ingenuity and causing enough pain to make us want to clean up our toys, it turns

DIY Saturday #23 – Ean Golden Syncing Drum Machines with Traktor (djtechtools)

There are 3 ways to sync up a drum machine to your DJ set. The first way is to treat the drum machine like a turntable and sync it up manually by increasing/decreasing the tempo until the drum machine is in sync. The second way

DIY Saturday #22 – MAThorpe Productions

MAThorpe Productions is Florida local Adam Thorpe’s one-man DIY production company. Everything from photo shoots, video shoots, and even studio time for all you aspiring musicians. Anything in the realm of production, this is the man to go to! Check out some of his work

DIY Saturday #21 – How to make a VST

(article by: Doug Beney of No matter what your skill level is, there is a way for you to make your own audio plugin. In this article, I’ll be sharing multiple ways for you to start developing your own audio plugins in no time.   Ways

DIY Saturday #20- Moss Graffiti

Whether you’re a street artist who’s ready to find a new medium or just broke and bored, this simple idea will change our city streets forever if it’s utilized. One of the easiest, most fun DIY projects I’ve come across in a while. My 239

DIY Saturday #19- The SoundCheck: Keeping The 239 Music Scene Alive

This idea was conceived by Cape Coral‘s own Christina Giordano. When I first heard about this, I was so excited to see someone actually involved in our local music scene again. What I didn’t know was how hard she would continue to work to consistently

DIY SATURDAY #18 – The Yaybahar designed by Görkem Şen, Acoustic Instrument Sounds like Digital Synthesizer

The Yaybahar is a new acoustic instrument designed by Istanbul-based musician Görkem Şen that emits music right out of a retro sci-fi movie, a remarkable feat considering there isn’t a bit of electricity involved. The Yaybahar can be played in a variety of different ways

DIY Saturday #17 – Korg Monotron Mods!

Korg themselves have put together a bunch of cool mods (some commercial, some DIY) on a “We love Monotron” page, and have gathered demos of them all together in a video appropriately called… “We love Montron”. Here are the mods: #1 Naotron: Adds a switch

DIY Saturday #16 – Make Your Own Camera Slider

GOT 10$?  Let’s make a movie! FILM RIOT is always the first place to check to add new tricks to your arsenal as a”no budgeter” film maker. 2- Deep Handy Box 2- 3/4″ PVC Tee: 2- 3/4″ PVC Coupling: PVC Cutter: #6 – 32 x 2″