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Teal Cheese Exclusive- Andrew Michael Wells (Eidola) Interview

I got the chance to speak with Andrew Wells, the singer of one of my favorite bands, Eidola. They’re signed to Blue Swan Records and are getting ready to release their second (first, since joining the Blue Swan family) proper full length LP in a

Teal Cheese Overseas- Interview with Real Madrid’s Adam Bader

We are delighted to have another post from our European Correspondent Amanda Lucy Bagley. She’s currently reporting to us from the lively city of Madrid, Spain. Dream Job ? I am always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up. I

PARTYTIME Friday #18- KIDD KWEST’S 2014 Recap Playlist!

Kidd Kwest has been a very good friend and supporter of Teal Cheese from the very beginning. One of my first posts, if not THE first post I wrote was my interview with him. It seemed only natural to ask him to make a playlist

PARTYTIME Friday #13: Kidd Kwest Interview Part 3

(Photo Credit: Ainsley McCullers, at the Kidd Kwest pop up show two weeks ago) In case you missed it:┬áPART 1 AND PART 2 of my interview with Kidd Kwest. N: “So how is the recording process coming along?” KK: “I really have a lot of

PARTYTIME Friday #11 – Kidd Kwest Interview Part 2

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: PART ONE! Only a few weeks after our first meeting, I find myself spontaneously sitting down with Kidd Kwest for the second part in my series of interviews with him. In the time since we last spoke I had been

Interview With Hip-Hop Artist Kidd Kwest

He was born John McCullers and raised in Fort Myers, FL. He went to Cypress Lake High School where he was involved in theater. Started rapping when he was 15 and much to my surprise he’s only 18 years old as I sit here and