“The Cuckoos’ EP builds on the band’s captivating blend of genres, evoking the 1960’s through a contemporary lens.”

“Imagine The Doors, Joy Division, and Rick James writing songs with Tame Impala and you start to get an idea of the rock and roll magic being conjured by Austin group The Cuckoos.” –Glide Magazine

If you think real psychedelic rock is dead, you must not have heard of Austin band The Cuckoos. With heavy blues and jazz influence, this band is growing fast and building a fan base of people who have been looking for something different.
There’s a groove within their music you can’t help but get lost in. I spoke with the band about the records that influence the unique sound they have today:


The Doors – Strange Days
“This record has such a weird, dark, carnival-y, psychedelic sound. I can’t get enough. “When The Music’s Over” is probably my favorite song of all time. I feel like this record is timeless, experimental, unique, and nobody has made anything with that same vibe since.”

Prince – Controversy
“This album is new wave Minneapolis pop music with a goth industrial vibe and great lyrics. My favorite songs are “Controversy”, “Do Me Baby”, and “Private Joy”. There are some great noises and fuzzy sounds on this record, and I love how dancey, upbeat and poppy it can be, while also remaining dark and moody.”

Joy Division – Closer
“You can’t get much darker than this. I like this for a lot of the same reasons I like Controversy, but this record is just dark, post-punk, poetic goth music with some wacky ’80s synths and drum. Joy Division makes me feel something that no one else has. It’s just so bleak, dark, and passionate that it’s irresistible to my ears.”


Pink Floyd – The Wall
“This album always hits hard. Every time I listen to it, I feel older, more mature and sometimes I feel that the record has grown within my life and has since provided me with a deeper meaning of how music can affect people. I’ve had the chance to see some of the live shows Mr. Waters had put on in the last few years and I can say that those will remain the best concerts of my life. I will never forget those feelings I got when I heard those lyrics, chords, and rhythms, and I still get those feelings even though it is an old record to me. This album will remain my favorite album for a long period of time.”

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream
“This record for me carries so much emotion from start finish. The songs just take me there. This album holds some of my most profound memories and thoughts and they always come back to me when I lay this on the turntable. I love everything about this record, from the fuzzed guitar track, to how mighty the drum grooves are. Siamese Dream embodies so much overpowering courage and bravery. It will remain another one of my favorite albums for a very extended period of time.”


John Coltrane – A Love Supreme
“Along with Kind of Blue, this is one of the best selling jazz albums of all time. It was at a turning point in Coltrane’s career where he would later experiment with free rhythm and melody and abandon standard jazz styles to explore more abstract, “bigger picture” ideas. What makes this album so great is how much Coltrane prepared to record it. For the first time in his career he knew exactly what he was going to go in and record. The way Coltrane moves through lines and motifs on this record not only highlight his technical proficiency but also convey powerful messages about love and peace, which is what Coltrane was all about. All he wanted to do was make people happy with music, and that’s exactly what this record has the power to do.”

Rush – Hemispheres
“Rush pulled out all the stops for this record in 1978. They wrote music that was too hard for them to play and then learned how to play it and they NAILED it! It’s a record that has always been dear to my heart. I love the trippy concepts in Neil’s lyrics– talking about two sides of the same brain and shit. The music itself is very well composed and it’s got everything progressive rockers love. From odd time signatures to heavy guitars to spacey ambiance, it’s got everything. I’d also like to point out how fucking good the production is. It may be the best mixed Rush record and overall is just so sonically good. It’s definitely an album for audiophiles. It took so much hard work for Geddy, Alex and Neil, but the payoff is one of the greatest records of all time.”

The Police – Ghost In The Machine
“I used to listen to this album over and over again, all the time, every day. It’s some of the greatest songwriting I’ve known and I just love the concept of the album as a whole. Most of the tracks deal with the 7 deadly sins and Sting gives a sort of introspective narrative that’s very relatable. A lot of the sounds and effects they were using at the time are unique to that record and they get very creative. The most striking thing about this album to me are the vibes I feel when listening to it. It’s not a tangible thing I can describe with words, you know? And that’s my number one goal when I listen to or make music. I don’t want it to be describable. All that matters to me is the way it makes you feel emotions that you didn’t know existed, and this record does exactly that for me.”


Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
“This album is, in my opinion, one of the greatest albums ever recorded by mankind. It makes you feel like you’re floating in outer space and all your problems & worries don’t exist. It’s really hard to describe the glory of this album with words. I’ve listened to it in so many different contexts and settings over the years and it really fits all moods. The atmosphere this album creates is always awesome. Some of my absolute favorite memories of my life have been me listening to this album, in nature, under the stars, with great friends, and everyone is just having a great time. It’s an album that makes you feel in love with life.”

Mort Garson – Plantasia
“This album is an electronic album from around 1976 and it has this strange transportive quality that i love. The sounds from the synths are so lush on this album, and as a whole it’s very orchestral. The songs all flow right into the next, which i really love in albums. It makes the entire album feel sort of like a journey, from start to finish. I’ve had so many awesome experiences under the stars in nature listening to this album. The music promotes such a pleasant mood and head space. It was one of my favorite music discoveries of 2017, for sure.”

Listen to the Cuckoos single “Heartbreak Paradise” below: