When you search, you won’t find a lot of information about TJ Wilt. You won’t find interviews or clout climbing tweets. You won’t find vapid attempts at validation. What you find instead is a genuine man who is using music as his own personal catharsis.
The healing process can be different for all of us, but for TJ, it took 5 years of pain to decide to finally channel those negative feelings into something positive.
This 3 song EP is TJ’s open heart on the table for each listener to relate to. He really is bringing true emotion back to emo music.

“We all do a lot of pointless toxic thinking. This album is pretty much a sum of all the dumb pointless toxic thinking I’ve done in the last 5 years that really ate me up inside.” -TJ Wilt

Listen to TJ Wilt‘s EP Toxic Thinking, below:

out now on Hang in There Records