With the local scene growing bigger than ever in Southwest Florida, married veterans Frankie Colt and Colin O know what it takes to bring to the table what keeps the heart beating for their fans, friends and family.
Their new synth rock project Cobress is set to release the band’s new EP Stage Stomp on March 29th. The band consists of Louie Calvera playing drums and Xid, From Xid and the 25 playing guitar and synth.
The song “Phoenix” starts out with a hard and distorted bass line coming from Colin, and than Frankie’s spectral, eminent, and lurid voice singing “Out of the ash/I see a Phoenix rising up/It was never a war/but I feel like I won.”
You can hear the heavy and vivid guitar sound match perfectly with the industrial electronics from the synth. If you like something with a subtle yet solid and intense amplified sound mixed with electronic, brilliant, and heavy tones than you will definitely want to check them out.
FFO: In This Moment, Nine Inch Nails, Hundred Waters

Howl Gallery is set to host the Cobress Stage Stomp EP release party on March 29th at 7pm. The theme for the night is special glam/hair metal so be sure to dress to impress. The special guests for the night will be Xid and the 25, Demigod Duo and Duke Stamina. There will also be burlesque by Freckles Galore.


Colin O’Brien is also known for playing bass and singing in past local projects such as Hawks With Rockets, Tiberius and Scientist VS Werewolf. Colin is also a self taught artist and does tattoos at Howl Tattoo and Piercing in Fort Myers, Florida..
Frankie Colt is a local events coordinator and host/emcee. When she’s not making music she also does fashion design and and hosts open mics and monthly showcases with other artists and bands.