Back in February the band Slaves released a new record called Beautiful Death. The album release tour was set to begin on the day of release (2/16/2018) with the first show in Dallas, TX.  Despite some controversy and petitions to try to get their Texas shows cancelled, the group persevered and began to sell out multiple dates of this 23 stop tour.
By the time they got to Tampa they had already sold out all three Texas dates and would proceed to sell out the room at Crowbar as well.
I was there to sit down and have a conversation with Colin but before I could do that I found myself mesmerized by their show. The fact that the crowd knew every single word to a record that has just come out less than a week earlier.
With a more dedicated fan base than ever, Slaves are entering the next chapter of their career.

Interview with Colin Vieira
@ Slaves’ Beautiful Death Album Release Tour @ Crowbar in Tampa, Florida
w/ Kyle Lucas, Ghost Town, Dayshell

NT: How does it feel to be back on tour?

CV: “We toured a lot up until December of last year but it’s nice to play the new songs out.

NT: It must be surreal to already have people knowing the words to brand new songs

CV: “The last few tours, “I’d Rather See Your Star Explode” was the only song that was out. This time around, now that they’ve heard the new album, it feels good to see our progress.”

NT: The last time I saw Slaves was 2015 at the DGD 10th Anniversary Tour. From your perspective, what’s changed since then?

CV: “That seems like 10 years ago to me right now. (he laughs) That was back before all the members quit. We’re working with a brand new mentality now. It’s all about positivity and focusing on our goals. Make good music and get it out there. Just trying to stay moving forward.”

NT: What’s your favorite thing to listen to while you’re travelling?

CV: “It ranges from day to day. Third Eye Blind, Chase Atlantic, Dayshell, Radiohead. I listen to a little of everything.”

NT: I don’t know how long you’ve been close with Kyle (Lucas), but how is it to have him on tour with you?

CV: “We’ve toured a shit ton together so far. Every time, halfway through tour we have this joke where we’ll be sitting at a bar and ask the bartender for a gun and a bullet. We’re just SO over it (he laughs). It’s an ongoing joke. But seriously, Kyle is a trooper, I fucking love that guy.”

NT: If you could tour with any act dead or alive who would it be?

CV: “Shit…For Slaves to be touring with any band, I think it could be cool to tour with 30 Seconds to Mars.

NT: What band have you performed with lately who has really impressed you?

CV: “Dayshell impresses me every night. Bad Omens who we toured with recently. I hadn’t listened to them before we went out on tour with them and they really impressed me. Seeing them live before hearing the record definitely made a difference. I think they’re better live.

NT: Anyone else who’s been better in a live setting in your eyes?

CV: “DGD, they’re pretty good live.”

NT: Are there any hip-hop artists you’re into right now?

CV: “A lot of Blackbear and Post Malone, more R&B based stuff. I don’t get super deep into rap music. Jonny likes a lot of it but I just don’t really dig a lot of these newer rappers.”

NT: Is it safe to say that you as a band let a lot of the hate and comments motivate you rather than hold you back?

CV: “Yeah, at times it really does bring you down. Sometimes it just makes you question yourself. When stuff like this happens, it’s strange. There were people in San Antonio and Dallas trying to get our shows cancelled. Yet somehow those were the best shows we had so far.
The perception seems to be that there is a large group of people talking shit about us. Really, it’s just the same few people over and over.
I don’t really believe when people say “all press is good press”. Bad press is bad press. Seeing the turnout at those Texas shows just really motivated us. It made me realize there’s more people out there trying to support us than there are people trying to tear us down.”

NT: What’s the significance behind the album title “Beautiful Death”?

CV: “That was referring to dying to one self and one’s habits. Pretty much a rebirth concept. Exactly what we were talking about earlier, changing for the better and moving on.

NT: Any advice for someone who’s new coming into the music industry?

CV: “If you know this is what you want to do then go in and go in hard. You have to sacrifice everything. This isn’t a career you can “kind of, maybe” do. This has to be your full time job if you want to make progress.

Check out Slaves’ new album, Beautiful Death, below:

Watch the music video for “The Pact”: