7 Minute Martians is an unsigned DIY pop punk group that is from Cincinnati, Ohio. They have a nostalgic sound that will remind you of all those late 90’s, early 00’s pop punk bands that you grew up listening to in high school. Their musical influences come from bands such as Blink 182, Sum 41, and New Found Glory. The band just recently released their new single “Hold On” off of their forthcoming album Curious which just came out a week ago. The guys were nice enough to give us a list of their top ten favorite albums of all time so feel free to plug in your headphones and check out their new album on the music player below while you read what they have to say. FFO: Motion City Soundtrack, Saves The Day, and You, Me, And Everyone We Know.


Green Day – Dookie
“My best friends older sister introduced Green Day’s Dookie to me at a young age. She had this VHS of them live that I would watch daily. I became obsessed with Tre Cool’s style on the drums. Songs like Burnout really resonated with me as a drummer.”


The Smashing Pumpkins – Siaseme Dream
“Smashing Pumpkins were also introduced to me at young age because I was always hanging with the older crowd. Still to this day they are one of my favorites and most unique bands to me. Siamese Dream is timeless and is always in my musical rotation. Jimmy Chamberlin’s drumming shaped who I became as a drummer.”


Finch – What It Is To Burn
“As a teen I was stuck teetering between being a metal kid and being a punk rock kid. Then I heard What It Is To Burn and to me it was almost a hybrid of the metal type shit that I was into mixed with the punk, mixed with a new raw emotion that I fell in love with.”


Senses Fail – Let It Enfold You
“The way that Senses Fail took upbeat and happy sounding music and mixed it with the dark almost demented or tormented lyrics and me being an angsty teen, that caught me and it kept me on the hook for years and I’m still there. Again, it seemed like a new sound that was breaking barriers in between metal and punk and with just raw, true emotion from the vocals.”


blink-182 – Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
“First of all, it has “Stay Together For the Kids” on it which came out the same at the time my parents got divorced so that was very impactful to me to hear it at that point. I had never heard the darker side of blink-182. It had a harder sound, yet still bright, beautiful and poppy. I maintained that happy medium and showed the more serious side of them. Everything was darker, I mean they even dressed in all black. It showed me that it being pop-punk with a darker, harder side does work. We can have the pee-pee poo-poo jokes and also sing about real shit.”


The Used – Self-Titled
“It was so creative. I never heard of a band using props and other things to make certain noises that you never would’ve guessed were the things making those noises, like dildos and things of that nature. It was just crazy that they hit Bert McCracken the back with pots and pans so he would scream with real pain. I was never even really into screaming when I was younger but they were the first band to open my eyes to it. I admire anybody that was able to scream the way Bert McCracken did, so hard he would puke and still sing high-pitched and beautiful. The song writing, the style of music, the sound was like nothing I had ever heard before. It was just a very emotional, sexual experience.”

Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends
“The first time I ever heard TBS was riding in a car with Wil and our old friend Andy. Wil was like “You gotta check this band out, they’re amazing!” – popped it in and it was like I was transported into a different world musically. I was literally like being told how I was feeling when it came to relationships. Adam Lazzara’s style of writing mixed with his unique voice. Just, it was like he was talking to somebody but singing to them in a very catchy way, the overlapping vocals, which you’ll hear a lot of in our songs, that’s where we get the influence. TBS sounds like TBS, nothing else.”


blink-182 – Enema of the State
“In the summer of 99’ I was visiting my cousin when his friend dropped by raving about this new blink-182 cd. I had no idea who blink-182 was, and the only music I listened to was my dad’s classic rock records. I was 13 and had never owned a cd. He puts it on and immediately the opener “Dumpweed” just caught my ears. The fast drumming, the twangy distorted guitar, the loud bass, the crunchy palm mutes, and most of all the sweetness of Tom and Mark’s double layered vocals just from a musical perspective was so catchy. From beginning to end the entire record was straight up ear-candy. And just like a cherry on top of the most decadent dessert, the lyrics were juvenile, and bratty, funny, and also very relatable to what I was feeling at the time with girls and my hormones fucking nuclear. The cussing, I was just blown away that you could sing cuss words and it make sense and sound good. Then I saw the music video for “What’s My Age Again” and fell completely in love with their aesthetic. The spiked hair, the lip ring, the gauged ears, the colorful tattoos, Tom’s surf green Strat. Everything I had experienced of that band, I just loved every bit of it. And it was like it belonged to me – you know when you’re a kid and you ask you mom to buy you a CD and it’s your music from your time period? That album made me ask my mom for a guitar and I learned the entire album front to back before the year was over. I still listen to it at least once a week. Favorite songs from this record are “Going Away To College”, “What’s My Age Again”, “Dysentery Gary”, And “Wendy Clear”… but they’re all amazing.”

Sum-41 – All Killer No Filler
“This album impacted me a lot like Enema of the State. It was super catchy but it presented my natural teenage defiance in pop song structures with harmonies and distorted guitars. The loathing of responsibility, becoming aware of social conformity, girl problems; basically all the struggles of the suburban American teenager. It was all encompassed in this album. The thing about Tom Delonge and Derryck Wibley is that they have incredibly unique voices that people either love or hate. I love them both. But yeah, super catchy album from beginning to end that I still listen to. Favorite songs from this record are Fat Lip, Rhythms, and Heart Attack.

No Use For a Name – Keep Them Confused
“Tony Sly, dude… Rest In Peace. This album is absolutely amazing. It’s the catchiness of a blink-182 record but more raw sounding, darker themed, more profound lyrics. The instrumentation just has these extensions that aren’t predictable to me. And I love those little presents at the end of phrases. The guy covers social, interpersonal, and addict themes. He’s a tad self-loathing and I love his art. I hate to talk like he’s the only one in the band but I just really respect him as a musician in NUFAN and his solo acoustic tunes. Miss you, Tony. Thanks for the music. Favorite songs from this record are “Black Box”, “Check For a Pulse”, and “Apparition”.

Listen to 7 Minute Martians single, “Hold On” below: