Cat Company is a Progressive Post-Hardcore 5 piece from Central Florida.

The Rock/Post-Hardcore influence of bands like Closure in Moscow, The Fall of Troy, Taking Back Sunday, and Sianvar are apparent and lend to a really clean sound.
Their less common influences include Japanese Rock, Experimental, and Pop bands such as Ling Tosite Sigure, Té, and Gesu no Kiwame Otome

I’ve been seeing a lot more great Florida bands emerging, and this is one I’m particularly excited about. Not only is this single incredibly strong but the video is so interesting you can’t help but re-watch it.
Cat Company’s debut, “Sad Dance” is just a small taste of what we can expect from their self titled EP (due out 4/20/2018).


Here’s what the band had to say about the meaning behind “Sad Dance” :

“The song is based around the concept of trying to find joy within the hardships that life constantly throws at us. One’s drive for a goal is often tough to identify. Once you realize what your goal is and understand the challenges life has in store, it’s your decision to persevere. 
This song is about being caught up in self doubt and breaking free of those psychological limitations.”

Check out the video for Cat Company’s first single, “Sad Dance”, below:


“dry and dull
loosen up my bolts
nothings magical
steady climbing to break my bones
lose that happy tone


you dont want to lose your head and burn up all you did
its a weight on the eyes
theres new set of lies
coming down running off your fingertips

i keep it calm and come to grips now
you just get carried away
that sleepy feel i try to trip out
then ill just frown my face

hawking up my woes in phlegmy doubt
never spoke but i could use a savior
cut that sunlight god it bums me out
im just sad aint trying to meet a maker

dry and dull

over clovers and i aint never
seen no type of luck in one line words
steadily getting colder in age movin forward
maybe leave it alone cause its almost over

by my self in the distance
letting out that lonely outcry
time lost too pessimistic
it ain’t a gimmick, know it better?
feel free to chime

clawed out and losing these so called new world eyes
im at a loss lookin stupid and crossed that outcast line

acid burned the roof out from my mouth
i’ve been binging on the fruits of labor
teeth like bad relations; falling out
scurvy kills and i need citrus flavors

manic depression going steady but i been trying to creep
nobodies helping and its eating me down to darker meat
heavily dreaming dont believe i can see a better me
choking on stolen hope and open to find a hole to sleep

called out
for the millionth time im fine
they got me red hand, dead to rights

keep me in lockdown
before they put me down on fire
i’ve been in focus for too long and i caught time

rot out
go to hell, when you sink do you scream or something?
im in the shell from the get go
im im too gone lost my mind

let go
if its all the same its gonna be a burden
of nothing its over im colder
blacked out, lost in light”

Cat Company is: 

Jay Christian- Vocals
Ryan Martinez- Bass/Photography
Ian Keith- Drums
Sean Dolich- Guitar/Engineering
Lawrence Brown- Guitar