Pvblo is from my hometown of Fort Myers, Florida and he’s been slowing picking up steam with the release of his debut EP The Rose That Grew From Concrete.
At only 24 years old, the talent shown on this debut leaves me wondering what’s next for this artist. I see big things coming for Pvblo in 2018 and I’m glad to see yet another artist from my hometown really shining.
His new track, “Slowing Me Down” starts off with some major 808s and Heartbreaks vibes in the intro. The song transitions nicely into a more traditional alternative R&B track.
An artist who sings their own hooks as well as raps verses in hard to find. It’s even harder to find one who does both things well.

Here’s what Pvblo had to say about the meaning of the track:

“It’s titled “Slowing Me Down”. It’s all about a girl that’s been holding me back from reaching my new goals and reaching new heights with my team. Doing things because I can but I always keep trying to hold our relationship together anyway.”

Check out the video for “Slowing Me Down” below:

*Produced by Producedbymayan
*Video shot by Delarose