With Sails Ahead is a female fronted ambient post rock band that formed in 2014 and are from Brick Township, NJ. The band members include Sierra Binondo, Josef Warner-Reyes, Santino Costa, Jaime Martinez, and Ryan Venancio. With Sails Ahead released their first EP Open Letters in 2016. It was written, recorded and released by vocalist Sierra Binondo. The band quickly gained momentum by completing their line up and Sierra was able to form a full fledged band.
In 2016 they went back into the studio and released their second EP Years In Waiting.
Now, coming back with their third release, Morning Sun, I had a chance to speak with Sierra who broke down the meaning of each song on the new album.
Their music is very catchy and has a sweet flow from one hook to the next. Their musical influences come from bands like Lower Definition, Dance Gavin Dance, Circa Survive, Hail the Sun, and I the Mighty. With Sails Ahead is doing whatever they can to make a name for themselves in the scene by putting out powerful music and will not be willing to back down from anything that stands in their way.




“Disappear” is like a ‘part two’ to “Shut In” from our EP, Years in Waiting.  I tend to invest too much of myself in my friends and depend on their validation for comfort.  I realized I had unrealistic expectations for my friends to be present for me when I needed them most, but I also wonder if maybe I should expect that from people who want to be a part of my life.  This song is also about me growing out of being friends with narrow-minded people whose companionship I don’t benefit from.”  



“I wrote the lyrics about a friend whose social media presence I found it hard to stand for a while, thus leading to me resenting her.  I was never someone who took social hierarchy too seriously, or who’s hanging out with who; I tend to stay out of everything. So I saw my friend tweet something pretty ridiculous and shallow one day, and she made it very clear who she was saying it about.  I thought it was pretty cold considering she did know this person personally, and knew they were a harmless, nice person. None of the people involved in this drama were inherently bad people, especially towards each other.”


Always Clouded, Never Clear:

“This song is both a message to closed-minded people, and to myself, about the importance of being an open person.  This song is about growing to understand others’ perspectives within reason, and the importance of travelling to other places and meeting people outside of your comfort zone.  There are a lot of people from my area who don’t get out often and travel a lot, or even get out and socialize within their local communities. I think doing so is such a great way to enrich your life and to keep yourself content.”



“When I started finding musicians to play with for With Sails Ahead, and when we tried to establish ourselves within our local music scene, I noticed a tremendous amount of cliquey people within certain musician collectives. This song talks about that, and how often people find it hard to categorize ourselves or understand what we’re doing, hence describing ourselves as a “genre anomaly”.  It’s also just a song poking fun at all of the people who would talk to me on social media but never look me in the eyes and say hello at shows.”


Synapse Fires:

“As a result of becoming so busy with the band, and putting so much pressure on myself to ensure that we succeed, it’s driven my stress levels to an all-time high. “Synapse Fires” is about the stress I felt at a certain point in our band when we hit a huge road block and I felt sick worrying over it every single day.  I compared our road block to a “cancer” so to speak- because it felt like a problem that would persist for seemingly forever with no end in sight.”



“Beesly” is like a warning to people in relationships who take their significant others for granted.  It’s about being well into a long-term relationship, and while everything seems perfect, the fact that you can still make mistakes and slip up every once in a while. It’s acknowledging that as much as that person loves you, or as much as you love them, it’s possible your tongue can slip and say the wrong thing, and recognizing the consequences of that.  Nothing is promised. People can fall out of love with you no matter what they say. It’s not impossible. So that song very much discusses that fear- of feeling like you finally have something perfect, realizing you’re not always the perfect partner, and making clear how much that person means to you. The very last verse is based on a trip to the ER with my boyfriend that I had a very very long time ago.”  



Check out With Sails Ahead’s new EP Morning Sun below!