CVLTVRE is an Emo/Post-Hardcore band out of Inland Empire, California.
They’re treading a line of blending two different sub genres blended perfectly. You can hear the influence of Dashboard Confessional just as much as Thrice.
The band is releasing it’s debut EP All Life Is // Act 1: An Act of Letting Go today. They took some time to explain the release track by track:


“Blame is the beginning phase of letting go. It starts with realizing that all the things in your life can’t be blamed forever on events and situations out of your control.
“My dreams are haunting realities that I feed to everyone and everything” is a perfect example of that letting pain define us and our relationships.”

“Then when we run out of excuses we start to blame everyone and everything. We wait for some grand answer and if we don’t get it we would even blame the weather. That’s why in the bridge you hear fainting the angry truth yelled,

“When I’m searching through this pain; I find that I’m to blame”

“Birthday Song”:

“Some people struggle with the feeling of value in their life. It’s something we have had to deal with from childhood to now. This song touches on that pain of valueless pain on a day everyone should be celebrated, a birthday.”

“A day late and a dollar short,
your phone call missed me by a week I fear.
I know that works getting hard at this point,
I just wish that you would think about me once every year”

“The ones we want our value from always have excuses because they are dealing with their own issues as well but as they saying goes “hurt people hurt people”.

“The chorus “Celebrate a life, take in all in stride, put into pride, try my best to survive”
is what comes from trying to hold onto these events without just letting go. We celebrate ourselves, keep moving forward, wear our pain like a badge of honor, but struggle to wanna stay alive for the lack of purpose we feel.”

“Yeah I know I’m getting kind of low,

But you love me and I won’t let go”

“The bridge of the song is where the hope and the demise of the song is really set. It comes from a belief that even though things are horrible because you feel uncared for, there will be a better day some day in the future even though you can’t see how. You just tell yourself there’s a purpose or a higher power who cares or a certain destiny for you that keeps you holding on. Repeating this to yourself until you believe it.”


“A friend of mine had his brother taken from him around Christmas time and it tore him and his family apart. When you feel these pains you either live like “Birthday Song” says or you begin to be your own reaper. This songs subtlety walks the line of a self destructive path.”

“Spent the last couple of days

Trying to drink my demons under the table

Tried some hope, I thought I was able

But I sit around doing nothing”

“Is the summarized story of how one reacts when life takes ones who value us away and we try to hold on instead of let go.
The lyrics only change in the first line each first to show time passes very quick it. It starts with a couple of days to a couple of weeks then at its climax all of a sudden it’s been years
The bridge is a message for those who criticize those who are working to their point of surrender through desperation. The rock bottom if you will. It shows when people do this they are not doing it just to be numb but to gain something they lack back.”

“Some drink until she’s pretty

To be just like their fathers

I drink until my demons

They look just like my brother”


“The chorus of Drown is really the anthem of the better part of what this EP represents… it’s a message for those who know all to well what it means to try and work so hard for something or someone but no matter how hard you try, some people in life will leave you either through death or through life. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to control the situation out of fear or love things just can’t work out the way you want them to and there is no other alternative then to accept the situation in some way even if that way means kicking and screaming through it.”

“I’ve got time to kill, Ive got time to breathe,

But I can’t stop you from running away from me,

So you can cut me down you can shoot me up,

What’s done is done now,

I don’t give a fuck”

“Pour These Words”:

“This song is the sum of finally coming to be honest with yourself and admit the problem while simultaneously admitting you are ready to have help. Whether it be a cry out to a higher power of sorts or finally are giving into asking help from a professional or whoever else it could be. This is a song of acceptance that there is no control and the action taken toward a solution.”

“Pour these words into a cup,

Drink them if you’ve had enough,

Fill my heart with what it needs,

Before I give into their disease”

“It’s truly an anthem to those tired of holding onto the things which cause you pain, and truly ready for the next chapter of life and are ready to start…letting go.”

Listen to CVLTVRE’s EP All Life Is // Act 1: An Act of Letting Go:

EP Credits:
Written & Scored by Ozzie Lizarraga & Joseph Yarbrough
Recorded by Jon Lundin at Catacomb Studios
Produced by Jon Lundin
Mixed by Jon Lundin

Watch the video for “Drown”: