LSMarley is a UK artist that specializes in something very unique: ambient soundscapes that have trap influence at their very core. That being said there are definite hints of future bass, industrial and other sub-genre influences to be heard throughout his new record. He released his second album, HOWL, back in October and it’s been growing on me with every subsequent listen. Every track seems to flow together seamlessly like the score to a movie playing in your head while you listen.
He talks with us about which albums shaped his sound:

Bomb The Bass- Future Chaos
“This has easily been my favourite album since I was a teenager; it includes my long time favourite song “Butterfingers”. I love the album because it contains multiple genres and many of the songs have a song-writer approach to their composition.”

Hucci- Rose Gold
“The tracks in Rose Gold have really creative structures, tasteful soundscapes and sampling, but still retain the unmistakable 808 samples and sprinkler high hats.”

Woolymammoth- Tricks EP
“I’ve listened to Woolymammoth for years and I’ve always been amazed by the boldness of his production. His drops are so lo-fi and heavy they actually seem arrogant. He’s also featured on some amazing Partial and Division compilation albums.”

Clarence Clarity- NO NOW
“I love all of Clarence Clarity’s work, the production and song structures are so creative, drawing from different genres as influences. This album is the first thing of his I heard and also the first example of “Maximalism” I’ve knowingly listened too. I aspire to his ability perform such huge electronic productions as a solo artist.”

Bonzai- Sleepy Hungry
“I like pretty much everything by this artist; she mixes between so many electronic genres, but retains her own sound and style every time. “Ravemeister” is pretty special, it’s a strange 26 second soundscape.”

Son Lux- Lanterns
“I can’t get enough of the distinctive vocal in Son Lux. The intricacy of all the sonic textured paired with Ian Chang’s drumming is mind blowing.”

Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm – Trance Friendz
“I think I like this album mainly for it’s concept; it’s Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm improvisng on synths and piano and every track is named after the time the take happened during their recording session”

Eprom- Metahuman
“I think Eprom has one of the most distinctive sounds of the producers I listen to. The intro Sun Death is basically a noise performance that drops into some crazy drum beat. His method of live performance is really cool, he does it pretty much entirely on a novation launchpad.”

Lorn- A/D, Music For Picture
“The aptly named “Music For Picture” sounds so cinematic, but also it’s really dark industrial electronic music.”

Bon Iver- 22, A Million
“This is one of my favourites because at this point Bon Iver can get away with releasing pretty much anything. As a result this album is quite abstract and has amazing cohesion between it’s album art, songwriting, production, and subject matter. I particularly like CRΣΣKS because it’s entirely on vocoder.”

Listen to LSMarley’s album HOWL below: