Breathing life back into pop music, the SIR band released their debut album, So Cold, last month. I got the same feeling from listening to this record as I did with the first Eisley and Paramore albums. There’s a lot of power behind Sarah’s voice and a lot of chemistry between these three musicians.
What I really appreciate about So Cold is that you can still hear the raw emotion and intention in the songs. It’s not so polished that it loses it’s unique qualities.
There is something absolutely huge about this band. These songs sound like they were made to be played in arenas.
I spoke with the band about how they came to be and where they will go from here:

NT: How long was the SIR band together before the release of this debut album?

SIR: “Almost two years exactly.”

NT: Can you tell us a bit about how the band came to be?

SIR: “Finding other like minded musicians that not only get along, but hear music the same way you do can be so hard. We feel so lucky to have found each other. Sarah went through a long rotation of musicians trying to find the right fit. Eventually, she met both Kim and Luke, and the three of us decided to become one.”

NT: We know your 10 favorite albums, but are there any influences of yours that may surprise us?

SIR: “We all have very eclectic tastes in music. From emo rock to old soul and hip hop.”

NT: Have you been to any good concerts lately?

SIR: “In the last few months we’ve seen Halsey, Purity Ring, Dashboard Confessional, and Die Antwoord. As we mentioned we will go see all types of music….except country.” (they laugh)

NT: Before we talk about this album, I have to ask what brought about the idea for you to do the A$AP Rocky cover? (“L$D)

SIR: “That song is just so good. It has all the vibes and all the feels. We had to.”

NT: How was your experience at Serenity West/EchoBar Studios?

SIR: “We recorded the album at Serenity West Studios in LA, and went to EchoBar for all of the mixing. It was such a great experience- those dudes really know what they are doing.”

NT: And how long were you writing for this album before actually going to do tracking?

SIR: “We wrote the album over the course of a year, and were still finishing some songs while in the studio. You think you know what you want, but sometimes once you hear it played back, you have to make changes.”

NT: This whole record flows together incredibly well as far as mixing and engineering. What advice would you give to a band trying to find a producer/engineer?

SIR: “Do tons of research, reach out to as many studios as you can and find the right fit. Get everything in writing. And most of all, you get what you pay for.”

NT: The way the vocals play off the rhythm section is pretty incredible. What do you attribute the fluidity of your music to?

SIR: “That speaks to the vibe we all have together both musically and otherwise. Sarah finds the perfect spots to fit words around the strong rhythmic connection Luke and Kim have had since the start.”

NT: From a listener’s perspective, I see this band being able to blow up very quickly. Are you conscious of the idea that you could be opening for some very big acts soon? What thoughts/emotions does that bring about?

SIR: “That’s our dream. We’re working and preparing everyday for that possibility.”

NT: (To Sarah) I can’t help drawing vocal comparisons to acts like Paramore (especially a track like “Go”) and Ellie Goulding. How long had you been singing before forming SIR and where did you learn to sing like this?

Sarah: “Not to sound stereotypical, but truly, singing is all I’ve ever known. For as long as I could make sounds and it all just kind of came naturally. I mean, I was listening to Otis Redding and Nat King Cole and The Judds when I was like 6 so I guess that’s where my influences began.”

NT: Any plans for another music video from this record? If so, can you talk about which song it will be?

SIR: “I think our next music video will be for an unreleased song called “NMP”. It’s our first political song, and we’ll begin a video for it within the next few months.”

NT: Are there any shows set for 2018 that you can discuss?

SIR: “Super excited to announce we just signed on with BLDGBLKS, a Denver based booking agency. We are so happy to relinquish control of the booking. We’ll be down in Texas in March for SXSW, with nationwide tours following shortly after.”

Upcoming Shows:
Feb. 11, 2018 – Amp the Cause at Children’s Hospital, Denver, CO
March 12 -17, 2018 – Austin, TX
March 24, 2018 – Sue Ellen’s, Dallas, TX
March 30, 2018 – Oscar Blues, Denver, CO

Listen to the SIR band’s debut album, So Cold, below:

Watch the videos for “Wading” and “So Cold”: