So-Cal based The Millennial Club are a dream pop outfit who at a very young age, have managed to blend dance-inspired 80’s pop, beat-driven 90’s R&B, and emotional love-centered lyricism to mold their unique sound. The influence of New Wave music is general is apparent and I can’t help being reminded of newer bands like Chromeo. Silky smooth R&B vocals blending perfectly with bouncy keyboard melodies. This is the new generation’s feel-good dance music.
The group was formed when singer/guitarist Andres Ownes was joined by bassist/keyboaridst Jared Ortiz in late 2016, later adding guitarist/saxophonist Jake Stevenson and drummer Tyler Kamei. They find inspiration in a wide range of artists including Coldplay, Bombay Bicycle Club, St. Lucia, and The 1975.

Coldplay – Viva La Vida (Prospekt’s March Edition)
“Probably one of the most complete, well-rounded albums ever written. Every single track is pure genius. Coldplay’s Viva La Vida is an anthem for the ages in the hits, and a deep, lyrical dream for anyone diving beyond the surface. Astounding and nothing short of a masterpiece, this album is some of Chris Martin’s best work without a doubt.”

Hippo Campus – Landmark
“Coming from such youngsters (and us, speaking as youngsters), it’s a ridiculously well put-together album worthy of extremely high-praise. Vocally challenging, lyrically captivating, and so genuinely Minnesota-specific, Landmark hits all the marks. The album seems like a debut dream for Hippo Campus and a record all young bands can learn from.”

Beatenberg – The Hanging Gardens of Beatenerg
“Beatenberg’s classic album The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg is perfect in every way. At 14 tracks, the album is rather long, but one of the few albums that just doesn’t seem long enough. Each song is so delightfully different; vocally and instrumentally, it’s an absolute gem, and one of the few albums that has something for everyone.”

Mutemath – Armistice
“As a band that thrives 100% on songwriting and musicianship, Mutemath has always gone above and beyond in their originality and flare. Paul’s vocals, Darren’s drumming, and Roy’s bass playing are all worthy of intense study. Humble, understated, and always focused, few come close to the expert craftsmanship these guys bring to the table, and Armistice is some of their most New Orleans-y inspired and seriously infectious material.”

Bon Iver – Bon Iver
“Justin Vernon and his army of musicians created something truly special with their self-titled album, Bon Iver. 10 perfect tracks, and 10 blank canvases on which they’ve written an intense and emotional story worthy of years of unpacking. 2011 was certainly a good year for music just because of this record; it’s incredible, plain, and simple.”

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
“The fact that this record was released almost a decade ago says something about it’s ‘timelessness’. With tracks like “1901”, “Armistice”, and “Countdown”, the record is like waltzing through a pop dream … in France … with a full glass of Prosecco. It’s airy and light and best served with good company. A rock solid feel-good album, Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is original and definitely serves as an inspirational piece for our band. Cheers.”

The 1975 – The 1975 (Deluxe Edition)
The 1975 album should be a staple for anyone looking for musical inspiration. It’s inventive, old and new all at once, colorful, and altogether unique. We seriously can’t wait to see what The 1975 comes out with next!”

Madeon – Adventure
“Experimentation at its finest, Adventure is an EDM dream and a pop record, all-in-one. With tons of fantastic featured artists, it’s incredibly dynamic without sounding random and too thrown-together. The album is a sampling wonderland and the fact that he finished it at such a young age, is another feat altogether. Fantastic.”

Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow
So Long, See You Tomorrow is probably one of the most underrated records out there; Jack Steadman’s unique vocals humanize the fast-paced, rhythm-driven record beautifully and the wide variety of tracks let you listen again and again and again. Sitting at a quaint 10 tracks, the record is simple, deliberate, and not at all ‘overdone’ (a pun if you are familiar. :’) Great work from a great band.”

Duran Duran – Rio
“A drummer’s paradise, Rio is fantastic for rhythmic stimulation. Fast-paced picked 16th’s, running arpeggiators, and wide-panned hats are just a few of the characteristics that give Rio it’s originality and staple 80’s sound. The record also serves as a great fall back for classic gated reverb and 80’s styled instrument blend. This Duran Duran record is 80’s rock at its finest.”

Listen to The Millennial Club below: