Philadelphia singer/songwriter Brian Walker aka A Day Without Love is bringing life back to emo music. With such a huge resurgence of that word, “emo”, I feel like the true meaning of it has been lost. Truly emotional and vulnerable music is what you get with ADWL. But the depth doesn’t end with personal emotion. This is an artist who’s willing and able to talk about social issues like race and politics without coming off abrupt. What’s that saying?…”The truth hurts”…some of the realizations that come from Brian’s lyrics may sting a little. That’s the pain of growing as a human being.
On the verge of releasing his second LP, Walker is dropping the first single from the record, “Nonsense”. The accompanying music video which he also directed and shot on an Android cellphone stars actress and model Lauren Chewning.
I spoke to Walker about what the song and video mean to him and how they came to exist: 

“Nonsense was inspired when a friend of mine introduced me to her high school friends and they called me “Black Brian” and continued to racialize me while hanging out. I confronted her and asked if I was her first black friend and she blushed in embarrassment after realizing the years of conversations we had about equality and treating people correctly. I wanted to write a song about people who don’t practice what they preach when it comes to political beliefs and social interactions. Unfortunately, after calling my friend out a few months later we did not remain friends, but the conclusion remained the same, I know people who say they support black lives and other marginalized people, but they don’t practice it which yielded the lyrics of the song, “Nonsense”.
The music video was a concept-driven out of my friend Lauren who was playing the role of acting out a millennial stereotype who is not sure of their social or political affiliations. The burning of the Trump magazine is a symbol for coming to a moment of clarity that if I am to be someone who fights for equality then maybe I should burn the representations of my hypocrisies.”

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Check out the video for the first single off the album, “Nonsense”, below: