Formed in 2014, The Suicide Tuesdays have spent the last three years developing a cult following within the Australian Punk scene.
The band’s debut album This Is For You is an autobiographical account of singer Joe Guiton’s experiences with anxiety, depression, death, alcohol and substance abuse.
The songs are honest, catchy, and sometimes too relatable.
“Just a bunch of misfit punks doing anything we dare” pretty much sums up the image I get in my head from hearing this track. It’s as if upon listening the brain embarks on instant nostalgia. Memories of road trips and late night drinking come full circle and I find myself smiling and thinking about simpler times.
Today, the band have released the first single from their upcoming album. “1997” is about leaving lifelong friendships behind and trying to survive the town you grew up in. This is the kind of song you’ll be glad to have stuck in your head all day.

This Is For You will be available on January 18th on all streaming services/digital retailers.
Pre-orders of The Suicide Tuesdays’ debut album, This Is For You, are now available @