Luke Cornwell has been part of many projects since the late 2000’s including jazz groups, rock cover bands and musical theater productions as a singer, guitarist, keyboardist and saxophonist.
He just dropped his debut solo EP, Wallop Dollop, which is performed on all acoustic instruments. The release features his significant other Amanda Kuzar on kazoo, as well as his lifelong friend and collaborator Noah Boss on percussion and backing vocals.
Noah and Luke also record as the progressive rock duo, The Well Dressed who are currently featured on the Hemisphere Music Movement’s Autumnal Equinox compilation.
His songwriting, which has mostly taken shape in the cafés, bars and pubs of Rochester NY has evolved over the years and culminated in the form of his debut solo record.
The five songs are short and punchy and the influence of punk music is just as apparent as that of indie and folk.
Upon multiple listens I couldn’t help drawing comparisons in vocal delivery to Max Bemis (Say Anything). Luke excels at telling simple stories that we can relate to, laugh along with, and tap our feet to.
The way the lyrics flow free-form and somehow rest soundly upon the instrumental definitely made me think there is some strong Bob Dylan influence on this release as well.
I can really appreciate that this EP as a whole doesn’t find the artist taking himself too seriously. He’s creating something fun to listen to without it being outright “silly”.
This is the kind of record I’d want to hear played all the way through on a late night in a dive bar with all my friends singing along.

Wallop Dollop was recorded by Alexander Eschbach at Light 40 Studios in Rochester, NY. The cover artwork was shot by photographer Jason Ackerman of Serendipity Photos.

Listen to Luke Cornwell’s debut EP, Wallop Dollop: