We’re happy to have our friends Icarus the Owl help us kick off a new series on Teal Cheese. Guest Playlist will have artists across all genres pick their go-to Spotify listening.
Each of the members have picked some of their favorite tracks to create a unique set of songs that speaks volumes about the band’s influences. Bump this playlist while we anxiously await their new album, Rearm Circuits. (out 12/01/17 on Blue Swan Records.)
You can pre-order Rearm Circuits by clicking here!

Joey’s Picks:

Third Eye Blind – “Blinded (When I See You)”
“This is one of those songs that I can listen to on repeat and never get sick of. I listened to this throughout the whole writing, recording, and mixing process. It will always remind me of the last year and a half of my life. I can definitely hear the subconscious influence Third Eye Blind had on my vocal writing.”

Maritime – “Paraphernalia”
“This is my driving and thinking song. Some of the record was written on tour and I’d have this song blasting in my headphones while I was conceptualizing artwork, themes, song names, etc. It reminds me of talking to my bandmates about life while on late night drives.”

Bon Iver – “33 ”GOD””
“I was listening to this on the way to day 1 of recording the album. Rob and I arrived a little early and we listened to this album until our producer arrived. This song always out stood out as one of Bon Iver’s best tracks. It makes me want to make another record already.”


Tim’s Picks:

Wild Ones – “Dim The Lights”
“I’d had the album Heatwave in my collection for awhile, but had never gotten around to listening to it. The first time I spun it Dim The Lights instantly stuck out and struck a chord with me.”

Childish Gambino – “Flight of the Navigator”
“I had just started getting into hip hop when I discovered this album. This entire album is gold, but this song in particular caught me off guard. It’s so abrasive and hard and just jams.”

TesseracT – Deception”
“TesseracT is one of Rob’s favorite bands, so we would end up hearing them a lot in the van. Of course, after hearing it in the van it started to get stuck in my head and I had to start listening to them. Rob and I were fortunate enough to go see them during the recording of Rearm Circuits.”


Rob’s Picks:

Andrew W.K. – “She Is Beautiful”
“There will always be place in my heart for killer guitar riffs and this entire song just feeds that love for me. It’s a very simple song, but it’s just so we’ll executed. It makes me want to get a huge drum set and be in hair metal band from the 80’s.

Conquering Dystopia – “Prelude to Obliterations”
“Shredding guitar solos. Blast beats. Double bass. Breakdowns. This song provides me with all the things I love in metal. The high energy gets me everytime!”

Nova Collective – “Dancing Machines”
“This is one of my favorite songs off of their album The Further Side. There are a lot of odd time signatures, phrasings, and melodies. I’ve always loved the type of complexities that show up in this song and more so the entire album. I remember listening to this album on repeat trying to figure it all out when the album first came out.”

Jake’s Picks:

The Dirty Nil – “Zombie Eyed”
“July through November of 2016 was insane for me. I had just joined Icarus and managed to learn the live set material and the new Rearm Circuits material just in time to record the album and leave for a mid-October tour. I was recording another full-length album with my other project (She Preaches Mayhem) at the same time, all while juggling a fairly new full-time job. I was burning the candle at both ends for sure, and this song just felt like the musical embodiment of my life for those few weeks.”

The Hotelier – “Your Deep Rest”
“I missed the boat pretty hard on a lot of ‘rock’ bands. I have often gone to each side of rock, from super-heavy stuff to super-light stuff. After hearing it for the first time though, “Home, Like NoPlace Is There” by The Hotelier wound up getting a huge amount of play time with me. This song gave me the craziest goosebumps the first time I heard it. The emotion pouring out of the vocals gets me every time.”

Every Time I Die – “The Coin Has A Say”
“ETID is one of my favorite bands, and the fact that they keep pumping out bangers just gets me so stoked. “The Coin Has A Say” was the first track I heard off of Low Teens, and it got me feeling the need to put my rowdy pants and body-slam my computer through my work desk. (I didn’t, but the urge was STRONG). We got to play the So What?! Fest in March, and I managed to watch ETID side-stage as a thunderstorm rolled in and lightning lit up the sky. It was wild, and the bangover was real.”

thumbnail photo credit: Aaron Ziesemer

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