This Saturday, 11/18/2017, history will be made in the small town of Fort Myers, Florida. Nerds everywhere unite for the area’s first ever Comic Con!
The event will be held at the Holiday Inn in Airport Town Center (9931 Interstate Commerce Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33913) and will run from 10AM to 6 PM.

There will be plenty of guest speakers like Fabian Nicieza (Creator of Deadpool) and Bob Camp (Creator & Artist of Ren & Stimpy), and attractions like K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider), and even the Batmobile from the original film in 1989!

There will be vendors like iHeartRadio, SWFL Comics, and Wear The Fund just to name a few. The day will be full of panels, a costume contest, local artists, and a whole lot more. General Admission is only $20 and you can buy tickets by clicking here!

*Video by Hello SWFL