BADTALKERS are at the forefront of a resurgence of post-punk music. Their first single begins with a bass line that reels you in. At first I honestly questioned whether or not Carlos D was part of this band.
There’s no way not to notice the influence of bands like Interpol, The Strokes, and Bloc Party. “Dark Halls” is bouncy without being void of meaning or shallow.
Here’s what they had to say about the subject matter:

“Dark Halls” specifically touches on bullying in different scales, whether it be in a school setting, or neighborhood atmosphere. The title comes from the opening line of the song. A couple of us in the band come from urban parts of LA, specifically the outskirts of Compton, so a lot of what we’ve experienced are penned in this song.

The song was written the day after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando so the line “You’re just a coward with a gun, no we’re not scared and we won’t run” stems from how we were feeling at the time and how we currently feel considering several shootings that have happened since then.

“We’re BADTALKERS and we’ve got our friends you’ll never mess with us again” is directed to previous encounters with bullies and how our friends would stick up for each other.

While the track as a whole is often categorized as an “indie-pop/alternative” track, the songwriting takes influence from hip-hop lyricism, specifically west coast rap songs that were making waves in the early 90s.”