There’s something missing from most modern music; soul.
ColinResponse is bringing plenty to the table with his new self titled EP. He’s not only a talented singer/songwriter but a multi-instrumentalist (sax, bass, guitar, piano and more) which makes this material that much more impressive.
In regards to the new EP, he says:

“This album is a representation of my entire life up to this point. The music is a culmination of everything I’ve learned, it’s everything I’ve ever felt-the hurt, the joy, and the laughter. I made this album to empower people – to bring people together – to let people know that someone else has also felt those same things alongside them.”

This release will definitely draw comparisons to Andre 3000, John Legend, and Bruno Mars. If you’re a fan of pop, soul, jazz, hip hop, or anything in between ColinResponse has a little something for everyone.

“Chronologically, below are the most influential albums of my life; starting from my childhood at age 12 to now. If you listen to them all you will strangely hear how and why my music sounds what it does today.”

Michael Jackson– Off The Wall
“This is the first record my father played for me.”

Michael Jackson– Thriller
“As a small child I fell in love with MJ and this album encompasses some of my favourite songs of his, and of all time.”

Bob Marley– Legend
“This album one of my best friends bought for me for my birthday when we were in middle school. I had just started to play saxophone and I remember having so much fun learning all of the best parts of this album on my sax.”

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 Soundtrack
“Though it’s not a traditional album per-say, I listened to in in succession like it was one. Growing up I played so many video games it was ridiculous. This sound track single handedly introduced me to rock and hip-hop music.”

The Knockouts– Main Attraction
“This is one of my all time favourite albums; mostly because it reminds me of the amazing performances this band would put on whenever me and my friends would go to see them.
The Knockouts were a ska –band from Streetsville, Missisauga (just outside of Toronto). They were my favourite band when I was in High School and though my music does not sound very similar to theirs they had a tremendous influence on the type of music I create now and the type of performer I am today. Every year or so I go back and have a nostalgic listen to that album and revisit time of my life.”

Moneen– The Red Tree
“Another great album from when I was in High School.
This is from around the time where rock music had a heavy influence in my life.
I was in high school and had formed a shitty rock band with my friends. I couldn’t be more grateful for this time in my life because this shitty rock band is what taught me so many integral lessons about making music and performing with people.”

Nobuo Uematsu – Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack
“Another unorthodox choice, however as I mentioned, in high school I played a ton of video games. This is one particular game that I spent literally over 1000 hours playing. Fortunately as a result I became tremendously familiar with the soundtrack and gained an intimate understanding of how one of my favourite composers of all time used both harmony and melody to influence the emotions of the listener. Without words he consistently painted a clear picture that guided users through the story for hours at a time. Painting that sonic picture is the fundamental component I consider whenever I am writing music.”

Andy Grammer – Andy Grammer
“This is actually the first album I ever bought online. Thanks Andy!” (he laughs)
“Before this all the music that came into my life was literally subject to my environment, but I heard his one song “The Pocket” and I downloaded it of iTunes, I was in my 3rd year of college, and I remember I listened to it all throughout the Summer. It was also the only music I had on my iPhone.”

Bruno Mars– Unorthodox Jukebox
“I became a big fan of Bruno from seeing his performances and the evolution of his career. When this album came out I bought it on iTunes and it joined the ranks of ‘The only 11 songs Colin has in his music library’ (he laughs)
To this day I only have 3 albums on my iTunes, the two mentioned above and the third being Songs of Innocence by U2, that Apple forced onto my phone during that infamous iOS update.” (he laughs)

Daniel Caesar– Freudian
“I really I only discovered him because I am friends with his producer and his band.
I went to go see his set at a festival here in Canada, but to be honest I went to support my friends – I had never heard him before.
By song three I was blown away by his songwriting and vocals. Most artists I discover now are via a DJ or the internet and so I am introduced to their recordings before I am given the opportunity to see them live. Daniel’s new album is on this list because he has been the first artist in literally 10 years who’s live performance has genuinely given me the desire to do the opposite and seek out his recordings so I could listen to his songs again. This album is so well executed it truly encapsulates the live performance I saw that day and it’s my #1 album right now.”

Listen to ColinResponse‘s new EP below: