Giselle is an artist who will always have a special place in my heart. Why? I found out who she was from watching one of my favorite shows, Louie. She wrote and performed the songs in Season 5 of the FX comedy series.
Now she’s getting ready to release more original music including a 9 track mix tape to be released on November 17th.
When asked if making this list was difficult the singer responded:

“I wanted to make a list of my favorite female albums for you guys, but even with this narrowed down to women, it was a challenge for me. I struggled with choosing based on “favorite” and not what I thought was “best.” But, let’s face it, who has the right to determine what is “best?” I learned some things about myself after finishing this list.” You & I
“This album takes you to another place and time. Her voice is a spiritual experience. “Darkness at noon” and “Cherry Blossom” go back and forth as my favorites.”


Beyoncé- Lemonade
“Stopped everyone in their tracks. Bold and powerful. Even with all the hype, it deserves even more.”


Celia Cruz- Viva la Reina de la Salsa
“The queen of salsa” was a staple of my household. Growing up my grandmother would play me her songs and we’d dance and sing around the house. It was difficult picking an album, but this is one of my favorite Celia collections.”


Ella Fitzgerald- The Complete Ella in Berlin: Mack the Knife (Live)
“I’ve always admired her scatting and improv abilities and this album has some special moments. “How High the Moon” is saved until the end of an impressive setlist!”


Etta James- At Last!
“She brings life to anything she sings. This album is perfection.”


Fiona Apple- Tidal
“The intelligent lyrics and melodies are hauntingly beautiful, specifically “Sleep to Dream,” “Slow Like Honey,” and “Child is Gone.” It wasn’t until recently that I truly listened to Fiona Apple. I regret not having the album in my life much earlier.”


Florence and the Machine- How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
“The production, the vocal lines, the instrumentation…”


Gin Wigmore- Gravel and Wine
“I was recently introduced to this album by a friend before a show and I was hooked. She is bad ass.”


Lana del Rey- Lust for Life
“I sincerely wish I could put all of her albums on this list and I know I will regret even picking one after this is posted.”


Whitney Houston- Whitney Houston
“This album is a Masterclass on effortless singing. No word or phrase is unsung.”


Listen to Giselle and watch her video for “Hazy Eyes” below: