Welcome to the mind of a DJ in L.A. Ryan Frizelle (AKA Friz) somehow channels influences from all over the dance music spectrum and still makes tracks that are not only listenable but enjoyable.
There are the obvious characteristics of house music and dubstep, but listen a little closer and you’ll hear breaks and even industrial themes at some points in his Counter Culture EP.
What does someone with so many different influences listen to?

Flume- Flume
“This was some of the first electronic music that really caught my attention. The amount of feeling and emotion Flume packs into each one of these songs is unbelievable. Sleepless in particular was the first song I heard by Flume and to this day I can’t help but start dancing when I hear it.”

RAC- Strangers
“I first learned of this album when Dillon Francis tweeted saying it was one of the best albums he’s ever heard, and I feel the same way. Every song on Strangers instantly puts me in a good mood and makes me want to dance.”

Mac Miller- Watching Movies With The Sound Off 
“A lot of people hated on Mac Miller early in his career but he was my favorite artist all throughout high school. This album took me a couple listens before it became my summer soundtrack. Every song has a purpose on the project and Mac drops some crazy philosophical knowledge that really makes you think.”

Kill The Noise- Occult Classic
“This album is so sick! I love it when artists push the boundaries on genres and Kill The Noise brought such a new flare to electronic music with this project. I have fond memories of me and my manager going crazy to “FUK UR MGMT” and taking some pretty ridiculous Snapchats with it playing in the background.”

Calvin Harris- Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1
“This album just vibes. It’s the most recent one on this list and I’ve been listening to it non-stop. I love ‘Feels’, ‘Cash Out’, ‘Rollin’… I love them all. If you haven’t heard Funk Wav Bounces yet definitely give it a listen.”

KSHMR- Paradesi
“This is my favorite EP of all time and I listened to it for months on end during my freshman year of college. The three songs (four including the intro) perfectly flow into one another and tell a really beautiful story. I got to see KSHMR play last year with Tchami and it was hands down the best live music experience of my life.”

ODESZA- In Return
“After growing up in Seattle it’s always really cool hearing dope music coming out of that city. ODESZA’s music is so unique, organic, and original. In Return is a great compilation of what ODESZA has to offer.”

Green Day- American Idiot
“I grew up f***king loving Green Day. I remember when I was super young and learning to write I had this insanely beat up CD player and I played ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ on repeat in my room until I wrote all the words to the song. I probably misspelled every other word and I don’t know what motivated me to do that but I remember loving that song and album so much.”

G-Eazy- Must Be Nice
“This takes me back to sophomore year of high school. I moved to Santa Cruz for a year when I was 16 and everyone there was bumping this. I’m not huge on G-Eazy anymore, but this album introduced me to Bay Area Rap and something about it always brought out the good vibes.”

Eminem- The Eminem Show
“When I was little I’d hear Eminem playing out my moms speakers and this was my introduction to rap music. I listened to so many hours of Eminem on loop that it’s influenced the style of electronic music I produce today. I make music with a very continuous beat and I love how Eminem’s music has that continuous flow that gets you moving.”