The first time I listened to Devon Goods the first word that came to mind was “nostalgic”. Something about these tracks brought me back to a time when driving around at night listening to Get Up Kids and Brand New was the go-to Friday night.
Anyone who grew up listening to emo/pop punk music will definitely feel at home listening to Devon Goods’ self titled record.
We take a look back at a simpler time with the band’s top 5 favorite emo albums:

Brand New- The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me
“TDAGARIM is hands down my (Justin, vox/guitar) favorite record of all time. With Brand New being my favorite band, Jesse Lacey’s ability to tell vivid stories and present detailed imagery in incredibly moving and passionate songs on this record in particular is probably my biggest influence in how I approach songwriting. Two other records that also have that impact on my songwriting are Manchester Orchestra’s I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child and The Hotelier’s Home, Like Noplace is There.”

Hot Water Music- Fuel For the Hate Game
“Hot Water Music was the first older emo record I (Zach, drums) ever really got into. I was pretty young at the time and had only been playing drums for a few years, so I was pretty new to that whole sound. The mix of the yelled vocals with punky chords and intricate drumming from George Rebello just sounded so perfect to me. Everything just blends so well on that record and I don’t think there is a single weak track on it. That album led me to get really into other hardcore influenced emo bands like Title Fight, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbreaker, and Lifetime.”

I Kill Giants- S/T
“This record is one of the few that every single member of our band will never complain about being put on on a long car ride to a show. While we do shamelessly consider ourselves part of the “emo-revival,” we still can grow tired of the cliches that are abused by most bands in this movement. This record however is in no way cliche, it uses twinkly guitars as a tool rather than a crutch and odd time signatures to add an eerie energy to an otherwise overtly fun record in a way that’s never awkward. We love this record so much that we even sought out its producer, Ryan Stack to produce our new self-titled EP.”

Sunny Day Real Estate- Diary
“It’s surprising to think that SDRE’s Diary was released all the way back in 1994. This record sounds way ahead of its time with Jeremy Engik’s droning vocal style and William Goldsmith’s unique drum style. This album has more emotion and speaks to us more than most records from the 90s. I think we take a lot from this album sonically, especially drum-wise. Goldsmith’s technical, yet bruiting drumming just took the emo genre to a whole new level. A lot of so-called emo records before it had very simple punk rock drumming to go along with a more simplistic sound. Diary took emo in a different direction, giving it a more contemporary feel.”

American Football- S/T (1999)
“Like nearly every kid playing in an emo or emo-influenced band during the last 5 years, we all cut our teeth on this record. We all went through our high school years wading through the cloud of almost manic hype this record exploded with in the early 2010s. And as we grew and matured, Mike Kinsella’s teenage confessions from nearly two decades ago still resonate with us on a very personal level. While the album has become more meme than music in the past few years, it will never lose the impact it had on us and nearly every newer band we love.”

Listen to Devon Goods’ self titled EP below: