There’s a new all female fronted indie punk band on the scene called Play The Ace. Coming out of Dallas, Texas Iris, Dena and Molly have made a name for themselves with their new EP titled All My Friends Are Ghosts. They get their musical inspiration from bands like My Chemical Romance, All Time Low and Neck Deep. Their new album has a hard drum and guitar sound with a soft female singer featuring classica pop punk tunes mixed with new and refreshing vibes. They seem to have a writing style similar to the female vocal fronted group Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Even though these girls might be young, their new album is about their personal and musical lives growing up. There songs are derived from raw emotion that is understood universally and is suitable for people of all ages. They have also opened for national bands such as Thieves, Alteras, and Love Past Blue.

Listen to All My Friends Are Ghosts below: