Electric Bodega have been manipulating sounds for a while now. Mike Cash and DJ Klutch have a solid portfolio with remixes of Beyonce, Bieber, The Chainsmokers, and Future. We all know in the electronic music scene it’s more about what other DJ’s are spinning your edits. With support from acts like Diplo and Skrillex these guys are killing it.

Weezer- Blue Album
“One of the few albums I know the words to every single song front to back! It’s a road trip classic to me. I was really into rock around this time but I was drawn to the fun surfer pop vibe of this. “Say It Aint So” is IMO one of the best songs of all time!”

Incubus- Morning View
“Hands down the album I’ve listened to the most. I really loved their beachy funky vibe they brought on this one. This album came out while I was in high school. I used to play in a rock band and around the same time started making hip hop beats, so naturally I enjoyed how they incorporated a DJ in their music and live shows!”

N*E*R*D* – In Search Of…
“This album really inspired me to get into producing music. Pretty much anything the Neptunes touched at this time I was all over! But the way they blended rock and hip hop  on this album was crazy! This album came out my senior year in High School and was pretty much the soundtrack of that whole year. My favorite songs were “Run To The Sun,” “Provider,” “Rock Star” but the whole thing is fire!”

Mobb Deep – Amerikaz Nightmare
“Now this album really spoke to me musically. At the time I never really heard anything like it. It was so dark sounding but the production was super clean! I started really getting in to Alchemist and Havoc production and I started using a lot of samples in my own work to try and emulate this album. One of my favorite songs of all time is “Win or Loose.”

Kanye West- Graduation
“Laa la la wait till I get my money right!” I love the overall tone of this album. It was like a classic for underdogs. Which at that time I could relate with, trying to get my own career in music moving but I got met with plenty of resistance. Every song had this like “yea I though so!” vibe to it. I remember driving around bumping this like I’m bout to shit on everyone!” (he laughs)

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

 “The production and especially the feeling behind this entire project was next level. One of if not my favorite albums from Kanye West. (Sorry 808s and Heartbreak it was a tough one to chose).”

The Fray – How To Save A Life
“This album has been on repeat for me in the past month or so, sometimes you can’t put what your feeling in it’s correct place and that’s where this album came into play. The content on this project has helped me through some things and it is very relatable to me in every sense of the way.”

Wu Tang Clan – Enter the Wu-Tang Clan- 36 Chambers
“Coming from Staten Island you feel like you might never make it off this island or get discovered. What the Wu Tang accomplished coming from the same borough that I’m from, gave me hope that this music shit can take me anywhere I want to go.”

Jay Z – Reasonable Doubt
“I was in 9th grade when this album dropped, Jay made me want to get a Lexus Gs so bad, by 12th grade I had this champagne brown one, I remember playing this album in it driving around Fulton Street in Brooklyn going to cop records at Beat Street saying to myself if I ever run into Jay out here I’m going to tell him this story, if your reading this Jay, just know…I copped the 400.” (he laughs)

Incubus – Make Yourself
“I remember when this album came out in high school I could not stop listening to it, I believe it was one of the first things I ever downloaded off Napster too. I got the opportunity to see them live for the first time not to long ago, made me even more of a fan.”

Listen to Electric Bodega’s newest track with Eric D’Alessandro, “Collide”: