*thumbnail photo by Renee Lopez- @blacksheepimaging

After premiering their album Repeating History last year, we watched Amarionette grow into a force to be reckoned with.
How could they ever follow up such a solid release? Well, if you had any doubts you can put them to rest. Amarionette are back with a brand new single from their forthcoming album which will be released on Kurt Travis‘ ever-growing indie label Esque Records.
I spoke with Quin and Nick about the meaning and inspiration behind “Modern Disco”:

Q: “It’s about seizing a moment in time with your passion. In the song that’s depicted as a beautiful girl…but that moment in time making you happy, genuinely giving you a feeling that nothing else in the world matters and enjoying it almost to obsessive levels, leads to danger.”

N: “It came to be I guess because of this new 80’s retrowave music that has consumed me. I’ve been really into 80’s darkwave, such as Com Truise, Ex-Machina, and Magic Sword among others. I wanted to incorporate that into a general rock feel and came up with “Modern Disco”. We have more than an albums worth of material that we are kinda just sorting out but wanted to release this single before the summer ended. We feel it’s a great summer track.”

Check out the video for “Modern Disco” below and stay tuned for more with Amarionette soon!