With the Super NES Classic Edition coming out next month (September 29th), you’ve got people pre-ordering and lines of people in tents to look forward to. If you don’t have time to sleep outside of GameStop overnight, you can now make your own Super Nintendo game system.

WHAT YOU NEED: You can click any of these items to buy them on Amazon now.

Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi case
Raspberry Pi power adapter
Micro SD card (8 GB or more)
USB controller
HDMI cable
USB flash drive
Kazzo cartridge ripper (optional)

You can buy most of those things in one bundle by clicking here!

STEP ONE: Set up Raspberry Pi

STEP TWO: Install RetroPie

STEP THREE: Boot up and configure

STEP FOUR: Get some games

Learn how by clicking here

Buy Kazzo to get games by clicking here

STEP FIVE: Install games

STEP SIX: Play nostalgic games until your eyes bleed

For all of the steps fully explained, check out the original article at Mashable.com by clicking here.