There comes a time when a band has reached its limit and can no longer make music together anymore. Either the band members have a falling out with each other or with the record label. There are other unforeseen circumstances that causes bands to split up for good or go on a hiatus. Recently there seems to be a trend of bands from when I was in high school that were no longer together anymore coming back after years of being broken up and make new music. It absolutely blows my mind when bands like The Early November and Further Seems Forever make a new album or decide to regroup and go back on tour for an album’s anniversary.

And now Brand New are back, baby! And they sound solid. After eight years since their last album release Daisy they have finally made a new record titled Science Fiction. While they have been well known for keeping their fans on the edge of their seats biting their finger nails just waiting and hoping for new music, the band has done us all a solid and have released their fifth album out of nowhere. While there was never an official break up for Brand New after their release of Daisy they were exploring different ways to release music with there being such a huge influence behind streaming services and downloading music digitally. They wanted to make a new album but didn’t know if it was worth it if they couldn’t make physical copies of it available. There were a couple singles the band released like “Mene” in 2015 followed by “I am a Nightmare” in 2016 but it wasn’t enough to keep their fans satisfied. They ended up going on a co-headline tour with indie rock gods Modest Mouse in 2016. After that they went ghost while working on their fifth and final album Science Fiction. The band has made confirmations of an actual planned break up in 2018

Brand New is one of the few bands to have a unique sound for every album release. They started out as a pop punk band with the release of Your Favorite Weapon, than they went to a more emo sound with their release of Deja Entendu, and with the release of The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me, Daisy, and Science Fiction they have found that signature eerie indie rock sound. Science Fiction is much more approachable than their previous releases like Daisy and The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me. While I was hoping they were going to add their singles “Mene” and “I am a Nightmare” on the new album, they didn’t have to in order to make Science Fiction a banger. While I can still hear influences from their previous albums this release seems to have more of a bluesy sound to it. I love the sound of the harmonica on the track “In the Water” which adds to the soft tone of the album. Most of the songs are very easy to listen to and the album finally picks up the beat on track twelve titled “451”. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Brand New fan or not because the band has left its mark on the music industry and Science Fiction is sure to leave an impression on anyone who listens to it.

Listen to Science Fiction in it’s entirety below: