We all know that in the music business it takes equal effort from all sides of the equation in order to be able to be a successful band with more than one member. It takes even more of a tremendous effort if someone wants to pull themselves away from the crowd and do everything by themselves. Mr. Ben Balserak who goes by EVERICOLOR seems to be able to do just that very successfully who is only twenty one years old and is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Growing up in Virginia he took guitar lessons and takes his musical influences from bands like Green Day, The Airborne Toxic Event, and Wavves. He only started writing songs at the young age of just fourteen! His first EP which is titled Trash Can Life was self released in 2015 during his second year in college. He also co-founded the Astro Music Group in Brooklyn, NY with Joe Barbour, Brett Bennett, and Brandon Maglorie in early 2016. While re-releasing his EP Trash Can Life on Astro Music Group’s imprint label Astro Asylum Records he started working on his new alter-ego EVERICOLOR.



Ben goes on to explain how he was in a dark place and the process of writing the brand new song “New Low”.

“I started writing  “New Low” a year ago. I was pretty severely depressed for the first time in my life. One night in my parent’s house in Virginia, I broke down. I got out a guitar and recorded both the guitar and intro vocals on my phone. About a month later, I found those recordings and built a demo out of it, adding the bass and synth layers as well as some basic drums. I recorded the intro guitar part several different times but I couldn’t seem to capture how broken I was when I first recorded them so I decided to keep the original recordings I had made on my phone. I spent hours making those recordings passable. The biggest obstacle I encountered while making the song was making the drop fit with the rest of the song. I spent hours working with the lead synth I wanted it to sound like it was crying.”

It’s truly amazing what we can create when we seem to be so emotional. “New Low” will  be on repeat for me for a while because it’s best described as being very different for electronic pop. Something that I will not easily get tired of. The song starts out like a folk singer crying out all his sorrows and than the synth drops and it will absolutely just blow you away. Very upbeat and dance-y but at the same time its easy to feel the absolute raw emotion in the singer’s voice as Ben bolts out lyrics like “Oh, and I’m pretty sure that I sold my soul/ but I’m still broke and my head still hurts/ and my mom still wants me to go to church” taking us back to his parent’s house in Virginia on the night that he first started to record this song.


Listen to “New Low” below and buy it on your favorite streaming service by clicking here!