It’s quite a feat to convey emotions through instrumental music. Honestly, it was something I didn’t used to think was possible. Save Us From the Archon is one of the bands who changed my mind.
These guys make some of the most fluid music I’ve ever come across. I got a chance to see them live a few years ago and that was an even more impressive experience because to be totally honest I thought I’d get bored watching a band with no singer. SUFTA manages to keep you engaged and amazed through listens and their live show.
They just released a new album, Melancholia, today and I spoke a bit with Andrew Cresto to get his insight on the record:

“Melancholia is our 4th full length LP that explores the nature of depression on the subconscious over an extended period of time. Essentially a direct reflection of my feelings through sound, connected by loops and ethereal static. We recorded and mixed the album ourselves, used artwork from a close friend, and kept with a completely DIY attitude for the entire process. It’s our most personal and powerful attempt to create unique music.”

Listen to Melancholia in it’s entirety below: