We’ve been seeing these “emo nights” pop up everywhere. It started with Brooklyn and L.A. and before you knew it there was one of these events in a new city every time you turned around.
My home town of Fort Myers, Florida is severely lacking things to do in general, and our friend Jose Garzon (Sunset Lily, MxPx, Absentee Ballot) is bringing us a chance to get sad and sing together.
Here’s what he had to say about why and how he set his up:

“I feel like it was time! The era of Emo really touched some of us and the Emo revival is now! I’m stoked to see some of these performers and fans almost 10 years later.
It kind of just happened… I kept getting offers to come and do a show in SWFL and this idea kinda popped in my head after having a conversation with a local SWFL DJ. The people wanted an Emo Night in Fort Myers and even though I now live 3 thousand miles away in Seattle I’m bringing it to them!
This is the first of many of these events to come!”

Also performing DJ and acoustic sets will be Brian Blount (Vega Under Fire), James Vegas (Modern Day Escape), and Mike Wassef (Later Days).

Join us on September 9th at Millenial Brewing (1811 Royal Palm Ave. Fort Myers, FL 33901) for a night of singing along to our favorite nostalgic songs. This event will be 18+

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