Leave Before Dawn are an alternative rock band that are from Tiverton, England from the English country of Devon. The band consists of Scott Broomfield on vocals, Tom Watson on vocals and rhythm guitar, his brother Matt on vocals and lead guitar, and Sam Strachan on drums.
The band is inspired from a huge range of bands including but not limited to the Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Blink 182, and U2. While there are plenty of bands that make it big that are from England, Leave Before Dawn are definitely going to be one of them. Their new song “Louder” touches on subjects like domestic abuse and has a dark tone to it. The song goes on to explain on how victims are often too afraid to speak up. Some of us may have experienced this, I’m sure we all at least know someone who knows what it’s like to be abused first hand. “Louder” is about not being silent and doing everything in our power to put a stop to domestic abuse.

The band has been involved in different charities like Rock2Recovery raising much-needed funds, a Devon based charity supporting servicemen and veterans with PTSD. 2016 has seen the band writing, recording and producing their own material set for release and the start of a Youtube channel. This has led to re-branding their image and exposure through numerous social media platforms.  2017 is set to be a very busy year, with numerous festivals, corporate events and private functions. Stay tuned to Teal Cheese to find out just what is in store for the England based band Leave Before Dawn. Check out the video for their new song “Louder” below!