While Texas seems to be a mecca for huge acts and touring bands, a small metal band called The Crowned hails from Austin. Forming in 2013 by drummer and singer Marc Coronado, guitarist Shane Ellis and Eric Salinas with Johnny Damien on bass the band is known for their gory music videos, live performances, crowd chants, naughty humor on stage, balloons, blow up dolls and aggressive metal. When performing live they thrive on their visual performance, crowd participation and also a very loyal fan base.



They just released their new album Apparition worldwide along with their single “The Dead” just this past week on August 8th. The singer Marc Coronado breaks down the meaning of the band’s new album and their band as a whole like this: “The inspiration for the new album comes from experiencing strong emotions, death and pain that aren’t necessarily feelings they felt personally but witness other people going through. Grieving, crying, being lied to and hurt not only experiencing these feelings ourselves but seeing someone go through these tough times is a sweet sorrow. There’s beauty in how your body reacts in whatever way your heart feels natural. On the other side of the spectrum sometimes the reason why you’re reacting that way is because you’re truly sad.  The album has songs of love, hate, cheating, jealousy, betrayal, murder, death, pain, torture, sex, and regret. I think the album art does this album so much justice. Apparition: the appearance of something remarkable or unexpected. I imagine one heart going through all those things listed above, being torn apart in every direction. The heart must rebuild itself by any means necessary. Screws, bolts, pins, gears, wheels, anything you can put to make the heart stay alive and keep beating. As this one heart continues to beat, something has emerged and is protruding outside of it. That something is The Crowned. Artwork by Jane Phillips. She did a truly amazing job with the description we gave her.”



The singer Marc Coronado also breaks down the writing process for us on their new album. “The music writing process for the album, Apparition is unique I believe. Usually, myself (Marc), Shane, or Eric will write a song in it’s entirety or parts of a song and bring it to the other members to see what they like or don’t like. We then begin dissecting the song by adding or removing stuff here and there until we’re all happy with the sound and how it came to be. You can sometimes tell who wrote what on the album. I wrote “Forthcoming”, “The Dead”, and “Nobody”. Besides “Forthcoming”, “The Dead” and “Nobody” have the groove going on. I love to groove on the drums and it shows with the music style written. Shane enjoys writing thrash and melodic style music. You’ll hear Shane’s music writing come out in the songs “Hate”, “Murder”, “Defeat the Monster”, “Your Promise”, and “Apparition”. Eric likes to write a little more technical and heavier style music. You’ll hear Eric’s guitar playing stand out in “God Dammit”, “Kill”, and “Warfare”. Once the songs are completely written, that last part is the lyrics. I’ll usually pick an emotion or situation that I want to elaborate on and begin listening to the song over and over and feel out how the song makes me feel this specific emotion. Sometimes the music inspires a different feeling any I may make changes. But the music decides what happens.”


With this being The Crowned’s second full length album its safe to say these metal heads are here to stay. Going on tour with bands like Hellyeah and Sons of Texas if you’re a fan of metal check out their new album Apparition and keep your eye on them for more awesome metal music in the future.