Bringing the beach vibes from my hometown of Fort Myers, Florida- meet K~Sea. This singer/song writer is rising fast with his emotionally honest and raw story telling. Songs you can relax and relate to are hard to find and K~Sea consistently delivers.
I spoke with him about the albums that changed his life and got him interested in making music:

The Doors- Self Titled
“When I was 21; I caught the music bug, and this album changed my life. Had heard many of the songs from this album on the radio throughout my life, but never really listened and opened my mind to the pictures they were painting. I can truly say this album help shape who I am as an artist. Just gotta break on through to the other side.”

Steppenwolf- 7
“Another album that changed my perception of music as an art. Hands down one of the most complete albums I’ve ever heard.  The sounds and lyrics never get old, and hit so close to home for me. It’s like these songs were written just for me.”

Sublime- 40 oz. to Freedom
“Bradley Newell is one of my biggest influences as a musician. The band as whole is quintessential in my library. The mix of feel good vibe with the punk rock attitude is absolutely perfect. The hip hop edge fused with surf rock is right where my mind is at. Are you a bad fish too?”

Jack Johnson- Brushfire Fairytales
“This dude took my vibe 10 years before I was ready. This album is a great listen from start to finish, featuring some of my favorite songs by this island soul. Thought provoking and groovy, Jack Johnson has such a way with words, and one of the coolest vibes of anyone I’ve heard.”

John Butler Trio- Grand National
“John Butler has been a huge influence on my music and is one of my favorite guitarist/songwriters. This album is where I first heard him and fell absolutely in love with it from start to finish.”

Dispatch- Bang Bang

“My favorite jam band. These guys have so much soul in their lyrics and they let it out so effortlessly. The guitar style is so dead on with the kind of stuff I create, I almost feel like I’m ripping them off at times.”

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats- Self Titled
“The newest album on my list. These guys are a throwback to the sounds of old, and this album jams from beginning to end.  It’s like Motown and Three Dog Night had a baby and named him Nathaniel. Definitely on my deserted island packing list.”

Milky Chance- Sadnecessary
“A solid album. This guy’s vocals are insane. Great songwriting fused with electronic music in a way that anyone can appreciate what they are doing. It’s an album of hits; and although I’m not much for what’s popular, I am a fan of good… and this album is as good as it gets.”

Authority Zero- Rhythm and Booze
“A Celtic surf punk band doing a live acoustic album, don’t get much better than that. Another vocalist with crazy range. Authority Zero is hands down one of my top 5 favorite bands, and this album blew my mind!”

The Steeldrivers- Self Titled
“Many people don’t realize how much I enjoy bluegrass. This is a band of studio musicians from Nashville, and where I learned the name Chris Stapleton before he became the country star he’s become. This band with his vocals are magic.  Great instrumentation and lyrics and vocals, I can listen to it over and over and never get bored with it. Seems to take me to a simpler place and time.”

Listen to K~Sea below and stay tuned for more with him!

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