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Dance Gavin Dance – Self-Titled

“Quite frankly, everything I do musically emulates this album. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I really love it. When I dial in a guitar tone, this is my go-to reference. I even bought an Orange amp because Will Swan uses them. This album was definitely my biggest influence in finding my own sound as a guitarist.”


PeripheryPeriphery II

“I remember chilling in my room the summer after senior year, blasting this album as loud as my speakers would go. The chorus of “Facepalm Mute” kicked in, and took me to a different world. it’s a good thing I don’t own any extended-range guitars because I’d probably know how to play every song on this album.”


Chon – Homey

“I always felt like you need to be a musician to truly appreciate instrumental music. Chon’s Homey destroys this idea. Their music is nothing like the gimmicky instrumental shred band were all used too, but rather guitars creating melodies that are still memorable enough to appeal to any listener.”


I The Mighty – Karma Never Sleeps

“I was extremely late on discovering ITM. Long after hearing Connector, I looked back into their catalog and discovered this masterpiece. Each song contains hook after hook after hook. This album has so many memorable choruses, a day doesn’t go by where I don’t find myself humming one of them.”


Hail The Sun Culture Scars

“I hated this album at first. i insisted that Hail the Sun was going soft, or that they were trying too hard to get away from the fans claiming that they sounded like DGD. After months of neglect, I listened again. I found myself experiencing deja vu, like I had heard these songs in a dream. This is Hail the Sun in their prime, and I can’t wait to hear what they do next.”


Between the Buried and Me – The Great Misdirect

“I first discovered BTBAM when I heard “Swim to the Moon”, shared by a friend on Facebook. Being a fan of Rush and Dream Theater, the length of the song struck curiosity in me. BTBAM’s guitar work still impresses me; how it can be so technical while still being melodically unique and memorable.”


Porcupine TreeLightbulb Sun

“I rediscovered this album several years ago; as soon as I put it on I recognized it from having heard it when I was a kid. Stephen Wilson’s signature sound has always been a staple in my music collection. Inevitably his melancholic chord voicing became planted in my head sometimes I can hear some of that influence in my playing.”


A Day to Remember – For Those Who Have Heart

“This album help shape who I am as a songwriter. It might seem trivial, but the verse/chorus structure was never apparent to me until hearing it. ADTR’s simple but powerful songs were heavily influential as I became more heavily involved in the songwriting process.”


The Apples in Stereo – Electronic Projects for Musicians

“My brother introduced me to this band when I visited him in Oregon in 2013. Something about the lo-fi indie sound drew me in. electronic projects’ sunny pop songs bring back fond memories of biking though NE Portland and hiking through the hills of Mt. Jefferson.”


Protest the Hero – Scurrilous

“The album takes a lot of heat from protest fans. To me, this was their most mature album to date, and one of my all time faves. They grew out of their earlier punk influenced sound and crafted one all their own. Luke Hoskin has always been a guitarist I look up to for his riffing skills.”

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