I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. As of late, Texas is so criminally slept on when it comes to hip hop. As big as it is, you’d think people would realize the large amount of talent and potential that exists in each an every city, but when somebody’s sleep, it’s hard to wake em up. With this new track, Eddie B isn’t just waking them up, he’s screaming at them like Lawrence Fishburne in School Daze.

From the jump, Dose pulls no punches. Not only is the production simple yet impactful, but Eddie straight owns the track with his strong and confident delivery. His line “I call you Lebron, ya album flopped” is my personal favorite bar on the track, though the rest are just as entertaining, and the feature verse from Jay$teez is just as solid. If Dose is any indication of whatever else Eddie B has in store, he’ll definitely make a name for himself very very soon. Texas has always had hits, but now it’s finally time to make people pay serious attention.

Check out Dose below and follow Eddie B on Twitter.