Lil Ooh caught me by surprise. What I thought would be an average friday night in April, just pulling up to a small local show in my area to support my people I knew who were performing, led me to someone completely unexpected. When I first saw “Lil Ooh” on the flyer, it was just another name, someone to pass the time, but as he began to perform, going track after track seamlessly with the stage presence of a veteran, he grabbed my attention more than most of the others that night. The music was dope, and he pulled in the audience like he owned the whole venue. It was obvious he knew what he was doing when it came to the game. Decked out with his own version of clout goggles(classic horn rimmed grandma glasses from the 50s), a windbreaker jacket, and a pair of slide, as soon as he took the stage he commanded the entire room, and gave an unparalled performance that got everybody involved. Needless to say, I was greatly impressed.

Fast forward to a couple months later and I finally get the opportunity to meet him, and not only is he an excellent performer, he’s just an all around genuine character. He speaks about the state of music, having an artistic identity crisis, and what he wants for the future, and even from the small conversation we had it’s evident that he has a great head on his shoulders. He’s more level headed than more, and is more open and honest about things that most artists would try to hide. On the topic of his music, he aims to make what people want to hear. With the hip hop sub genre of trap taking over nowadays, rather than hop on a wave, he makes a new blend and does things his own way, with his own style, in a way that translates easily to the crowd at his shows.

With an energetic catalog of tracks behind him, his songs Pull Up and Murda have already garnered thousands of plays on soundcloud, a continuously growing following, and his strong mindset, Ooh is poised to be one of the premier artists in his area. He’s already begun to open for high level artists like Que, who’s hit single OG Bobby Johnson is a hood classic, and is among a list of names positioned to open for Playboi Carti in Austin this week. By being genuine, building relationships, and making the right moves, don’t be surprised when his name starts to make waves in the near future.

Check out a couple his tracks and his latest music video below, and keep up with Lil Ooh on Twitter.

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